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There are three cosy, comfortable bedrooms, two double and one twin, each named Goodwood, Brighton and Fontwell after nearby race courses.All rooms have colour TV’s and tea/coffee making facilities. .


The area is an ideal base, many sporting activities such as sailing, diving, angling, bowls, golf, walking, cyclingat Goodwood, Brighton and Fontwell.There is the Festival of Speed and Revival Meetings at Goodwood.

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The Best Way to Get Rid of Plastic Oxidation

Did you recently buy a big house with a nice garden? Is this the first spring season in your new house, and you would like the garden to look perfect, but the budget is limited? We can understand that money runs low when you move to a new house because there are dozens of projects that you want to see done. However, when it comes to the garden, you can make it look great for the warm season without a big investment. There are numerous DIY projects that you can enroll in, projects that will make the garden look good without spending too much money. For example, if you have some old, plastic patio furniture that oxidized, you can have it restored. You don’t have to throw it away and buy new patio furniture. First of all, new patio furniture is expensive. Second of all, if you still love the design of the old patio furniture that you have, there are a few easy steps to follow to make it look as good as new.

Oxidation is the plastic’s version of rust, and there is always something that you can do to remove it. We have some good remedies for cleaning oxidized chairs, so check out this article and learn what to do to save your patio furniture. Here are the steps you need to follow for clean plastic furniture that looks as good as new.

1. Remove dirt, dust, and residue. The first step in the oxidation removal process is to get the furniture clean. It doesn’t matter if the furniture was in a garage. It is probably full of dust. If you want to evenly get rid of oxidation marks, then you need to clean the dirt first. You can do this with the help of a hose or using a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water.

2. Kill molds. Once the furniture is clean, and all the dirt is removed, you need to get rid of the mold. The easiest way to do this is to spray a solution of water and vinegar on the whole surface of the furniture. Let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes and again soak a cloth in warm water and rinse the furniture. Repeat the process until you can’t see any mold anymore.

3. Remove the stains with a combination of baking soda and wax. Sprinkle baking soda all over the furniture and give it a good rub down with a sponge. Rinse and spray baking soda again if you can still see oxidation marks. Repeat the process until you can’t see oxidation marks anymore. Rinse with warm water and apply car paste wax all over the furniture. The role of wax is to protect the chair from additional oxidation marks. These marks appear due to air and sunlight exposure, so if you keep the furniture in the garden for a long time, you could have the unpleasant surprise to see it oxidized again.

Tips on How to Use an Air Compressor for Spray Painting Correctly

An air compressor is a versatile air tool; you can use it for spray painting, nail and staple guns, tires, and more. If you are planning to use a compressed air paint sprayer, you need an air compressor. And to use it correctly, you should read this.

Using a compressed air sprayer can be confusing since most of these paint sprayers are connected to an air compressor. Fortunately, there is an easy and correct way on how to hose the air compressor for spray painting.

#1: Preliminary preparations

Before preparing your air compressor, you need to prepare the basic painting materials and tools; these include:

  • Select the paint and the thinner you need to use for spray painting.
  • Prepare your working area to avoid the mess in case of overspray.
  • Prepare on your safety goggles, mask, and gloves.
  • Prepare the surface that needs to be painted. You may add primer if necessary.

#2: Prepare your air compressor

After the preliminary preparations, you need to prepare your air compressor. If you haven’t purchased an air compressor and planning to invest in one, you should check the best air compressor for spray painting this year.

If you have a new air compressor, here are the steps on how to use it correctly:

  • First, you need to turn on the air compressor; this will help build up the pressure that is needed for the compressed air sprayer to release the paint.
  • Set the pressure correctly via the regulator to avoid fluctuations when spraying. To set the regulator you need to adjust it between 12 and 25 PSI, depending on the number of the paint sprayer you are using. To find out, you should check your sprayer’s manual for instructions.
  • Attach the hose of the air compressor coupling to the sprayer and make sure it is tight; this is to avoid any possibility of hose and sprayer displacement and to avoid reduction of pressure. To secure it an airtight seal, you may wrap it with Teflon tape. However, if the sprayer and the air hose is equipped with quick-connect coupling, you do need to secure it a tape.
  • Add a small amount of paint thinner as instructed at the sprayer gun’s paint cup.
  • Slightly open the metering bulb.
  • Test the sprayer. It may take a few squeezes to get a flow of the thinner. However, if no thinner comes out, you need to disassemble the sprayer to check for possible loose seals or stoppages.
  • After the primer, make sure to empty the spray cup from the thinner you have used earlier.
  • Prepare and fill the paint cup with the paint. Make sure that all screws and hooks are secured.

#3: Paint the right way

To have clean spray paint results, you should know how to spray paint the right way. Here are a few steps how:

  • Hold the paint sprayer about 5 to 10 inches from the surface you want to paint.
  • Squeeze the trigger with movements (horizontally and vertically) to avoid drips and runs due to over-application.
  • Overlap each spray pattern to ensure the evenness of the paint.

Was this helpful?

If you need additional details on this and find out some best air compressor in the market today, try to visit Spray That Paint’s website.

What to Expect at a Bed and Breakfast 

We’ve recently heard of some amazing quilting retreats that take place at bed and breakfasts. These quilting retreats are memorable forever, not to mention actually fun. It’s a great time to retire with a group of friends who share a similar interest or activity for similar hobby enthusiasts at the moment with the recessionSeveral bed and breakfasts are willing as well as open to working with your group, so on the activity. 

Plus, the industry is actually pushing the “Better Place to Stay” idea right now. They indicate that people usually don’t think about staying at a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel or motel although it’s in similar price range, not to mention that you get an astonishing hot breakfast. 

# It’s All About the Experience 

The owners and innkeepers try to make your experience memorable so you keep coming back. Several become close with their guests. A remarkable host makes for a great innkeeper. They are capable of recognizing guests who just desire their space versus those who need to relax but need quality conversation as well as interaction. 

# It Is Intimate and Memorable 

Unlike most hotels that are sterile like those in a hospital, the inns are warmcozy, and welcoming. Your group will often mention after a retreat and how much fun it was to make a quilt at that particular inn. 

# The Breakfast Part Is Unbelievably Delicious 

The breakfasts are so tasty, from healthy to delicious. They will often serve you with a group whatever you need. 

# It’s More Affordable Than You Think 

The average cost to stay at a bed and breakfast is just around $100 per night, which includes a real breakfast. That is quite similar to going to a high-quality hotel chain, with continental breakfast included. Though you could make a quilt at a motel for less, it won’t be that much fun, correct? 

How to Find an Exceptional Bed and Breakfast? 

One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is the misrepresentation that people have created for them. This image descends newbies who open a bed and breakfast but aren’t serious about the business. Most of them have closed with the recession. 

It’s easy to make sure with the Internet that you go to an exceptional bed and breakfast run by business owners who make your experience their number one priority. is a great way to see many ratings. Please ignore any unusual negative comments. If your scores are high, somebody may have had a bad day. 

Another site makes it really easy to find a unique bed and breakfast by city or state. They have also classified all the inns so you don’t have to. They highlight the top 60 inns per state, as well as allowing you to research certain cities. The site is prearranged with the best inns at the top. Learn more:

Feel free to search for bed and breakfast in your own city/state. Feel free to call any innkeeper to discuss a getaway for any group of fans, almost everyone will be happy to help make the arrangements. 

Why Stay at a B&B

Bed and Breakfast Inn


Going on vacation but not sure if a bed and breakfast inn is best for you? With so many accommodation options available, it’s hard to choose. B&B’s have become more popular over the last few years and it’s all down to their convenience and how useful they really are. Unfortunately, there are still many holiday-makers that aren’t convinced about B&B’s as they think the service won’t be up to the standards of a hotel. So, is that true? Why book into a B&B?

Fewer Customers Mean Personal Attention

Have you ever stayed at a bed and breakfast inn? What sort of service did you receive? Now, think about your last stay at a hotel; notice the difference? Hotels are lovely and employees work hard to ensure all guests are happy during and after their stay. Unfortunately, hotels have hundreds of guests, and employees can’t stretch themselves to every guest. Some guests fly under the radar and miss out on some hospitality, in a sense. With a B&B, there are far fewer guests at any one time staying and that means there’s more personal attention given. That can mean a lot to those on vacation and want an enjoyable and memorable stay.

Added Comforts for Guests

Unless you’re staying at a 5-star, top-of-the-line hotel, it’s unlikely you’ll see many extras included with your room. If you do get extras, they’ll be added onto the price of the room; however, many B&Bs offer extras that make the stay more pleasant. A bed and breakfast inn can offer free compliments such as free Wi-Fi access, an evening meal, and sometimes a box of chocolates or a glass of wine on arrival. That’s the beauty of B&B’s; they are sometimes able to add little comforts for their guests to enjoy.

Personalized Rooms and Value for Money

B&B’s are more popular today than ever before and it means the competition is high. Many bed and breakfast owners try to make their rooms unique so their rooms stand out. This means rooms aren’t decorated with the same corporate style but have their own style or theme. It’s a great way to keep the B&B appealing to all visitors and it can mean offering great value for money too. A bed and breakfast inn can be one of the best places to stay while you’re on vacation and can be cost-effective.

Finding Comfort During Your Stay

You’re on vacation and you want comfort. Hotels and self-catering apartments are great but they aren’t for everyone. B&B’s are useful to have available and the great thing is that sometimes, you can find a great deal that offers the same luxury as a hotel but for a lot less. Of course, finding the right B&B comes down to you and your personal likes and wants. You might enjoy a B&B because of the little extras given and how you’re able to get more personal attention too. A bed and breakfast inn can be a great option for those on vacation and are a little more convenient at times too.

Top Choice Organic L-Glutamine Powder for Increased Exercise Performance and Muscle Growth this 2020

L-glutamine is a non-essential amino acid with many potential health benefits. Although the body naturally produces L-glutamine, you can also obtain it from external sources such as food. Likewise, it is available in the form of supplements and organic powder, which are quite popular among athletes and fitness conscious individuals.

If you have been trying to lose weight or gain muscles, you might have heard from someone or found out in online sources that L-glutamine also supports increased muscle growth and exercise performance. It is the reason why enhancer supplements with this amino acid are extremely popular in the market. But is it true that L-glutamine increases muscle mass and improves physical performance?

The Role of L-Glutamine in Muscle Growth and Exercise Performance

As you already know, L-glutamine is an amino acid, which is a building block of protein. Protein is a type of macronutrient essential for repairing damaged muscle fibers and tissues. Thus, high levels of L-glutamine also increase the amount of protein in the body.

An increased amount of protein will help faster repair of muscle tissues, as well as muscle growth. Likewise, studies show that this aspect of L-glutamine reduces muscle soreness.

Moreover, L-glutamine supports faster absorption of essential nutrients and other amino acids in the body, thereby boosting energy and better exercise performance.

What is the Best L-Glutamine Powder this 2020? 

Indeed, L-glutamine has a significant role in increasing muscle mass and muscle development. If you want to try using this amino acid, check out these top picks for best organic L-glutamine powder this year.

#1Elementa Essential

One of the best-seller organic L-glutamine powders in the market today is from Elementa Essential. It contains a high concentration of L-glutamine, which makes it stronger and more effective than other options. Additionally, the supplement is a naturally produced free-form amino acid. Therefore, you can guarantee that it is safe and 100% pure.

#2 NOW Sports

Next on the list is an organic L-glutamine powder from NOW Sports. It is one of the most reliable brands of organic L-glutamine supplements in the market. You can assure it contains pure L-glutamine extract and has zero additives, preservatives, as well as artificial fillers. The supplement is effective in enhancing muscle growth and performance. It also supports better gut health and immune system.

#3 NAKED Glutamine

NAKED Glutamine is a great option for post-workout nutrition. It contains pure L-glutamine extract fermented from plant sources. The supplement promotes increased endurance, better energy, and muscle mass. It is also helpful in boosting intestinal health, prevents stomach ulcers, and stops IBS.

More Advice

Searching for the best L-glutamine organic powder is a bit overwhelming for a beginner. It is why experts always suggest that buyers must educate themselves more about the amino acid and ask assistance from a professional.

If you need product reviews, tips, and guidelines on organic L-glutamine powder, one of the sources you can trust is Savvy Beauty Snob. You can check out this source to learn more about L-glutamine and its health benefits. Also, they can guide you in looking for the best L-glutamine products in the market through their comparison guides.

Top Three Factors to Consider when Choosing Budget Blinds

Not all window blinds are aesthetically versatile that can complement your home’s current interior. Plus, not all blinds that you can find in the market today are worth purchasing – they may look interesting and affordable but some of these wouldn’t meet your expectation, especially when keeping your privacy.

If you are currently looking for the best styled and affordable window blinds that can keep your privacy and enhance your home’s current interior design, you should check this blinds buying guide, especially when there are a lot of options to choose from.

To give you some head start, here are three essential factors to consider when choosing budget-friendly blinds:

#1: Can increase privacy

Look for a window blind that is not only built for aesthetics but is built to increase your privacy, which is, the main goal for purchasing window blinds – secure your privacy at home. There are two best types of blinds when it comes to “privacy” – the wood blinds and wood shutters; these two are known solid and stable that can keep your living room or any parts of your home secured from your neighborhood or stranger’s view.

#2: The light control

How much sunlight do you want to enter your room? Do you want it bright or just enough lit? If you are considering adding blinds or redoing your windows with shutters, think about how much sunlight you want to pass through into the room? Wouldn’t it be a great advantage to invest window blinds that allows you to control the light coming into your room?

If you are considering window blinds that can keep the room well-lit, you may choose faux-wood blinds, vertical blinds, or sheer shades. These types of blinds can keep your room well-illuminated by the sunlight, but not compromising your security. Also, they are built to filter a good portion of sunlight and keeping the harmful UV rays out.

#3: Complementing style

There are budget blinds that are well-styled but aren’t open-and-shut deals; meaning, there are affordable blinds and shades that are just good in style but are compromising essential details such as versatility and security.

There are budget blinds that are designed versatile – can complement whatever style your home interior has. If you look at Saint George Budget Blinds, you know that they are worth your money – versatile and can help keep your home’s privacy.

If you still got no idea on which style of blind to choose, pick those blinds with subtle hues – neutral and versatile.

So, do not settle for less.

Final Thoughts

Looking for quality budget blinds is not an easy task; you can’t easily pick the affordable ones without compromising other essential details such as the light control, securing your privacy, and versatility when it comes to style.

Fortunately, there are good blinds that are crafted to meet your requirements; however, you need to be patient when you look for the best ones. Before investing in blinds or shades that you think are worth it, you should read its reliable posts and reviews. Also, for a faster way out, you may consider investing quality-made and budget-friendly blinds, shades, or shutters from Saint George Budget Blinds.

Basic Shroom Dosage Guide for a Wonderful Experience

Mushrooms are fungi rich in essential nutrients. They are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Likewise, mushrooms are edible and available in varying compositions. Some mushrooms make a perfect dish and add flavor to food. Meanwhile, some have potent medicinal properties. And there are also psychedelic mushrooms.

The Magic Mushroom, or commonly known as shroom, is the most popular psychedelic fungi. Magic mushroom contains high levels of psilocybin, which is a hallucinogenic and psychoactive substance. Consuming shroom causes euphoria, hallucinations, paranoia, and panic reactions. Because of its psychoactive property, shrooms became a popular LSD alternative.

Is it Safe?

Experts say magic mushrooms have no content that can lead to health harm. The fungus is, in fact, a great alternative medicine. It has been used for thousands for years for both medicinal and spiritual purposes, particularly around America and Europe.

Unfortunately, shrooms are still considered as a Schedule I drug. A Schedule I drug has a high potential risk for abuse. It also has no recognized medical uses. Therefore, any form of use of shrooms is considered illegal under this law.

The mushroom remained a Schedule I Drug in many parts of the U.S., but not in 2019. Though the substance persists as a Schedule I Drug, many big cities in the U.S. decided to decriminalize it. These cities include Denver, Colorado, Oakland, California, and Santa Cruz, California. Thus, if you are residing in one of the cities mentioned, the use of shrooms for medicinal purposes is allowed. However, only individuals with psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD can use the substance with the supervision and prescription of a medical practitioner.

Technically, shrooms are safe to use when administered correctly. Abusing the substance can lead to reckless behavior and accidents. Also, some users might experience a “bad trip,” such as paranoia and horrific hallucinations.

You can avoid the risks of shrooms by taking the right dosage. Make sure to identify your reasons for taking the psychedelic. Also, consider other factors such as your weight and severity of the psychological condition.

Experts advise beginners to use micro-dosing when using dried shrooms. It is a very low dosage of 0.2 to 0.5 grams of dried shrooms. Such a dosage has zero euphoric effects. It won’t induce visuals and loss of control, but it can boost your energy, creativity, and mood.

Meanwhile, a 0.5 to 1.0 gram of dried shroom is perfect for recreational purpose. It is a mild dosage that could make you feel “high,” but not too much. You can still think and function well enough.

On the other hand, using 2 grams of the substance can produce psychedelic experience. And higher grams of shrooms cause an intense high, which many call as ego-death or flying with the stars.


Consult a medical professional before using these magic mushrooms. Also, educate yourself about it with the help of The Fun Guys on Twitter. This source could help you learn more about the use, benefits, and effects of shrooms. Likewise, consulting this source will help you prevent the risks of the substance.

Is Tent Camping Better Than Car Camping or Not?

Over the years, camping and hiking continue to rise in popularity across the United States and other countries. It is all due to the increasing media attention these outdoor activities receive. No surprise there if camping piqued your interest through the people who post about their camping and hiking escapades through the social platforms.

When talking about camping, the first thing that goes into mind is backcountry. You rest under the night sky with the woods surrounding you. The chirping of cicadas and the wind are your music lulling you to sleep.

Well, that is how camping works in a nutshell. However, over the years, camping has transfigured its ways. Today, there is a so-called car camping.

Tent camping is the traditional way of spending time in the wilderness. Whereas, car camping is a type of camping but with the use of a vehicle instead of a tent. Some might say they prefer the more modern method since it is convenient. On the other hand, others will stick to the old ways. Now, this leads to the question, which is better: tent camping or car camping?

Car Camping

Car camping is popular with parents who want to spend time with their kids out in the open sky. It is more comfortable for them and convenient.

A parent can bring lots of stuff and pack it inside the car. From the kid’s stuff to a large cooler containing food and beverages, a car can hold every single one of them.

Unfortunately, car camping is not the best option when camping in remote areas or deep in the woods. Likewise, as the purists would say, car camping takes away the experience of camping.

Tent Camping                                                   

Packing a tent and carrying it on your back, together with other items, is a bit of a hassle. It is one of the reasons why some would go car camping.

But remember, tent camping allows you to camp overnight in a remote area. It provides the best experience of camping outdoors.

When it comes to tent camping, the key is choosing the right tent. Make sure it has enough space for two individuals or more if you are traveling with the family. Also, choose a tent that is easy to set up and dismantle.

Furthermore, select a tent that is durable and stable – one that can withstand various weather conditions even strong wind and rain.

Additionally, there are tents in the market that are lightweight. You can carry it all day long and not feel the burden on your back. One example of a quality tent that accommodates two persons, a lightweight, and durable is Coleman Sundome.

Coleman Sundome is a favorite tent of beginners and experts in camping and hiking. It has impressive features that are worth spending money. If you need a tent that is convenient, efficient, durable, and strong, Coleman Sundome is one of the best options.

Additional Thoughts

Everything comes down to your preferences. It is all up to you whether to go camping in a car or be more traditional.

But if you want to find out additional details about Coleman Sundome, go here at Wandering Privateer.

Bed and Breakfast Inns and Their Mode of Operation


Bed and breakfast inns are romantic rooms across historic homes, made especially for couples. An accurate portrait of these inns would be rich scents cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee wafting up from the kitchen, coupled with fire crackles in the hearth. Found in historic homes such as the Craftsman bungalows and Queen Anne mansions, these homes are perfect destinations for the holidays.

What is a bed and breakfast inn?

These inns are hybrids between private homes and luxury hotels. Instead of up to 50 rooms found in hotels, bed and breakfast inns have about 10 guest rooms. The owners also live and mingle tourists like they were guests. Depending on the type, guests may experience turn-down services, deluxe touches, and luxury treats during their stay. And of course, there is the typical ‘breakfast’ in bed at guests’ quarters. B&B inns are becoming popular with approximately 50% increase in demand and a price hike to $121 within four years.

Can you make profits from B&B inns?

Regardless of your reason to start a B&B business, you should understand the profit factor. As a host, your potential revenue bank must surpass your capital. But the answer is relative. Your profits will depend extensively on the age of your business, the number of guest rooms, your locale, and your marketing efforts. Bear in mind that the business is not very lucrative, but since it is a lifestyle decision, you’ll make profits every time you sell.

Startup capital

Forget about your profit potential for a while. If your bed and breakfast inn doesn’t attract guests, your earnings will remain low. Apart from the capital needed to erect the structure itself, you will also buy comfort items such as towels, mattresses, and pillows. And if you have decided to convert your home, you must upgrade the fixtures or equipment in the home.

The amount you spend on your B&B business will also depend on the number of guest rooms. Generally, small properties will require startup capital between $20,000 and $40,000, while luxury properties require up to $50,000 for each guest room.

Typical markets

Proper planning and research precede every potentially successful business. Research also includes marketing strategies and potential guests. Below is a list of typical target markets:

  • Business travelers – Business trippers and traveling salespeople are often patrons at bed and breakfast inns. If your location is in the urban local, your potential target should be business travelers.
  • Tourists – these are people that always seek a great time, especially during the holidays. Their modus operandi involves shopping, national parks, amusement parks, and other monuments in the area. So, you may want to choose a location with man-made attractions.
  • Romance – Bed and breakfast inns are best for romantic getaways, and the most visited locations will rake in a high number of guests annually.
  • College or university – Are you in a college town? Graduations and homecomings pool a lot of crowds, and when hotels are fully booked, adventurous visitors may try out your B&B.

Bed and breakfast inns are often better choices than hotels and are designed to deliver an unmatched experience to the visitor. You will find a handful of them across different locations if you are planning a holiday already.

Effective Techniques on How to Manage and Treat Chronic Pain

Chronic pain limits a person’s physical functions. Moreover, the discomfort it offers is unbearable. And, there’s no telling when the next pain attack will happen.

Indeed, chronic pain can affect the functionality and productivity of a person. But the good thing is this; this condition is manageable. Although there is no permanent cure to this condition or guaranteed complete pain relief, knowing how to manage it is better than not having a solution at all.

How to Manage Chronic Pain?

There are several techniques to manage pain. Here are the guaranteed effective solutions on how you can ease this condition.

  • Drug Therapy

The first option to manage pain is drug therapy. Milder conditions of pain are manageable by taking over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen. These medications can ease pain due to muscle stiffness and cramps. It also reduces inflammation.

For severe pain, you need to consult a doctor to ask for drug prescriptions. On the other hand, if you are not fond of taking medicines as a pain solution, one good alternative is using topical pain relievers. You can get these topical solutions at local drug stores.

  • Physical Therapy

There are special techniques that could improve mobility and function due to pain from injury or disability. If the chronic pain you experience originates from an injury, stretching and strengthening will support in managing pain.

Also, there are specific exercises that could help to increase the body’s production of natural painkillers called endorphins. These exercises include swimming, walking, rowing, yoga, and biking.

However, be careful about performing such activities. Intense exercises can put you at a greater risk. Make sure to consult a professional before deciding to delve into any exercises.

  • Heat Therapy

Another effective method of easing the pain is through heat application. This option has become more and more popular recently. Many prefer this option since it is affordable, safe, and guaranteed effective.

You can go to hot springs for heat therapy. But if your area does not have one, the best alternative is using an electric heating pad.

An electric heating pad features multiple heat settings. It lets you personalize the heat according to your comfort and the intensity of the pain. Hence, it can provide instant pain relief and help you to keep moving.

One example of a high-quality and safe electric heating pad is Might Bliss. Know that this heating pad from Mighty Bliss features heat settings and quick-heating technology. Likewise, it is comfortable to the skin since it features soft microplush fibers. This product is extremely convenient. You can use it at home or bring it to work, so you can have an on-the-go pain treatment.


Which among the above options would you prefer?

Do not let chronic pain stop you from being a productive person. Relieve the pain you feel using either the above options; but if you want a pain reliever with no risk and affordable, go for electric heating pads.

If you want to learn more regarding heat therapy and the use of heating pads, consult The Soothing Effect.