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There are three cosy, comfortable bedrooms, two double and one twin, each named Goodwood, Brighton and Fontwell after nearby race courses.All rooms have colour TV’s and tea/coffee making facilities. .


The area is an ideal base, many sporting activities such as sailing, diving, angling, bowls, golf, walking, cyclingat Goodwood, Brighton and Fontwell.There is the Festival of Speed and Revival Meetings at Goodwood.

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Is Tent Camping Better Than Car Camping or Not?

Over the years, camping and hiking continue to rise in popularity across the United States and other countries. It is all due to the increasing media attention these outdoor activities receive. No surprise there if camping piqued your interest through the people who post about their camping and hiking escapades through the social platforms.

When talking about camping, the first thing that goes into mind is backcountry. You rest under the night sky with the woods surrounding you. The chirping of cicadas and the wind are your music lulling you to sleep.

Well, that is how camping works in a nutshell. However, over the years, camping has transfigured its ways. Today, there is a so-called car camping.

Tent camping is the traditional way of spending time in the wilderness. Whereas, car camping is a type of camping but with the use of a vehicle instead of a tent. Some might say they prefer the more modern method since it is convenient. On the other hand, others will stick to the old ways. Now, this leads to the question, which is better: tent camping or car camping?

Car Camping

Car camping is popular with parents who want to spend time with their kids out in the open sky. It is more comfortable for them and convenient.

A parent can bring lots of stuff and pack it inside the car. From the kid’s stuff to a large cooler containing food and beverages, a car can hold every single one of them.

Unfortunately, car camping is not the best option when camping in remote areas or deep in the woods. Likewise, as the purists would say, car camping takes away the experience of camping.

Tent Camping                                                   

Packing a tent and carrying it on your back, together with other items, is a bit of a hassle. It is one of the reasons why some would go car camping.

But remember, tent camping allows you to camp overnight in a remote area. It provides the best experience of camping outdoors.

When it comes to tent camping, the key is choosing the right tent. Make sure it has enough space for two individuals or more if you are traveling with the family. Also, choose a tent that is easy to set up and dismantle.

Furthermore, select a tent that is durable and stable – one that can withstand various weather conditions even strong wind and rain.

Additionally, there are tents in the market that are lightweight. You can carry it all day long and not feel the burden on your back. One example of a quality tent that accommodates two persons, a lightweight, and durable is Coleman Sundome.

Coleman Sundome is a favorite tent of beginners and experts in camping and hiking. It has impressive features that are worth spending money. If you need a tent that is convenient, efficient, durable, and strong, Coleman Sundome is one of the best options.

Additional Thoughts

Everything comes down to your preferences. It is all up to you whether to go camping in a car or be more traditional.

But if you want to find out additional details about Coleman Sundome, go here at Wandering Privateer.

Bed and Breakfast Inns and Their Mode of Operation


Bed and breakfast inns are romantic rooms across historic homes, made especially for couples. An accurate portrait of these inns would be rich scents cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee wafting up from the kitchen, coupled with fire crackles in the hearth. Found in historic homes such as the Craftsman bungalows and Queen Anne mansions, these homes are perfect destinations for the holidays.

What is a bed and breakfast inn?

These inns are hybrids between private homes and luxury hotels. Instead of up to 50 rooms found in hotels, bed and breakfast inns have about 10 guest rooms. The owners also live and mingle tourists like they were guests. Depending on the type, guests may experience turn-down services, deluxe touches, and luxury treats during their stay. And of course, there is the typical ‘breakfast’ in bed at guests’ quarters. B&B inns are becoming popular with approximately 50% increase in demand and a price hike to $121 within four years.

Can you make profits from B&B inns?

Regardless of your reason to start a B&B business, you should understand the profit factor. As a host, your potential revenue bank must surpass your capital. But the answer is relative. Your profits will depend extensively on the age of your business, the number of guest rooms, your locale, and your marketing efforts. Bear in mind that the business is not very lucrative, but since it is a lifestyle decision, you’ll make profits every time you sell.

Startup capital

Forget about your profit potential for a while. If your bed and breakfast inn doesn’t attract guests, your earnings will remain low. Apart from the capital needed to erect the structure itself, you will also buy comfort items such as towels, mattresses, and pillows. And if you have decided to convert your home, you must upgrade the fixtures or equipment in the home.

The amount you spend on your B&B business will also depend on the number of guest rooms. Generally, small properties will require startup capital between $20,000 and $40,000, while luxury properties require up to $50,000 for each guest room.

Typical markets

Proper planning and research precede every potentially successful business. Research also includes marketing strategies and potential guests. Below is a list of typical target markets:

  • Business travelers – Business trippers and traveling salespeople are often patrons at bed and breakfast inns. If your location is in the urban local, your potential target should be business travelers.
  • Tourists – these are people that always seek a great time, especially during the holidays. Their modus operandi involves shopping, national parks, amusement parks, and other monuments in the area. So, you may want to choose a location with man-made attractions.
  • Romance – Bed and breakfast inns are best for romantic getaways, and the most visited locations will rake in a high number of guests annually.
  • College or university – Are you in a college town? Graduations and homecomings pool a lot of crowds, and when hotels are fully booked, adventurous visitors may try out your B&B.

Bed and breakfast inns are often better choices than hotels and are designed to deliver an unmatched experience to the visitor. You will find a handful of them across different locations if you are planning a holiday already.

Effective Techniques on How to Manage and Treat Chronic Pain

Chronic pain limits a person’s physical functions. Moreover, the discomfort it offers is unbearable. And, there’s no telling when the next pain attack will happen.

Indeed, chronic pain can affect the functionality and productivity of a person. But the good thing is this; this condition is manageable. Although there is no permanent cure to this condition or guaranteed complete pain relief, knowing how to manage it is better than not having a solution at all.

How to Manage Chronic Pain?

There are several techniques to manage pain. Here are the guaranteed effective solutions on how you can ease this condition.

  • Drug Therapy

The first option to manage pain is drug therapy. Milder conditions of pain are manageable by taking over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen. These medications can ease pain due to muscle stiffness and cramps. It also reduces inflammation.

For severe pain, you need to consult a doctor to ask for drug prescriptions. On the other hand, if you are not fond of taking medicines as a pain solution, one good alternative is using topical pain relievers. You can get these topical solutions at local drug stores.

  • Physical Therapy

There are special techniques that could improve mobility and function due to pain from injury or disability. If the chronic pain you experience originates from an injury, stretching and strengthening will support in managing pain.

Also, there are specific exercises that could help to increase the body’s production of natural painkillers called endorphins. These exercises include swimming, walking, rowing, yoga, and biking.

However, be careful about performing such activities. Intense exercises can put you at a greater risk. Make sure to consult a professional before deciding to delve into any exercises.

  • Heat Therapy

Another effective method of easing the pain is through heat application. This option has become more and more popular recently. Many prefer this option since it is affordable, safe, and guaranteed effective.

You can go to hot springs for heat therapy. But if your area does not have one, the best alternative is using an electric heating pad.

An electric heating pad features multiple heat settings. It lets you personalize the heat according to your comfort and the intensity of the pain. Hence, it can provide instant pain relief and help you to keep moving.

One example of a high-quality and safe electric heating pad is Might Bliss. Know that this heating pad from Mighty Bliss features heat settings and quick-heating technology. Likewise, it is comfortable to the skin since it features soft microplush fibers. This product is extremely convenient. You can use it at home or bring it to work, so you can have an on-the-go pain treatment.


Which among the above options would you prefer?

Do not let chronic pain stop you from being a productive person. Relieve the pain you feel using either the above options; but if you want a pain reliever with no risk and affordable, go for electric heating pads.

If you want to learn more regarding heat therapy and the use of heating pads, consult The Soothing Effect.

Quick Product Blender Review: Ninja Blender Pros and Cons

Ninja Blender is one of many blender brands today that gains a lot of recognition – durable, tough when it comes to crushing and blending ingredients, and reasonably priced. But how, convenient are Ninja Blenders? Can it be used more than what it should suppose to? Is it durable enough to be used as a food processor too?

Try to continue reading this and find out if Ninja Blender is the right brand of blender for you. Here is a useful list of Ninja Blender Pros and Cons that will help you decide whether it is worth a kitchen investment.


#1: High-powered motor

There is a wide variety of Ninja Blender models that are available in the market today; some of the models are designed with a high-powered motor, at least 1000 watts, which gives the blender enough power to crush, blend, grind, and chop tough ingredients, including frozen foods.

What are the ingredients that Ninja Blender is capable of handling?

There are Ninja Blenders with higher motor power that can handle blending, crushing, mincing, and grinding these following ingredients:

  • Carrots and other hard vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Ice (to keep its performance on A’s try to pre-crush some ice)
  • Frozen fruits
  • Leaves (smoothies)

If you are planning to use Ninja Blender to grind some beans or nuts, try not to do so because it is not recommendable unless the model features a special grinding option. Generally, blenders are not suggested to be used on dry ingredients including nuts, beans, and flour. Again, the purpose of blenders has something to do with liquid; so, try not to push its limit to keep the blender’s performance on its peak.

#2: Price

One of the best things about Ninja Blender is its reasonable price. Even if you are getting the best out of blenders today, most of the Ninja Blenders’ price is reasonable.

#3: Easy to maintain and clean

All of the Ninja Blender models today are easy to clean and maintain. Also, all models are dishwasher safe, making the cleaning effortless.

#4: It Works quietly

If you are looking for an efficient-working blender that operates quietly, Ninja Blenders are the best option; even designed as high-powered blender, Ninja Blenders are interestingly quite.


There is nothing much to talk about Ninja Blender’s disadvantages; however, there are obvious limitations that the blender brand can offer. For instance, not all models of Ninja Blenders are capable of handling tough ingredients such as ice and hard vegetables.

Final Verdict

Should you recommend the Ninja Blender brand to your family or friend? If they are looking for a reliable, high-performing, and reasonably priced blender that is quite versatile, it is only rational to recommend the brand to other blender users.

If you need additional details about the best Ninja Blender models and find out if how can you use the blender as a substitute for a food processor, you may visit Prime Shop Kitchen’s website – reliable review website for blenders and food processors, as well as, one of the best website to get blender advice and tips.

Top Reasons to Include Crank Radio in your Emergency Kit

Amid the advanced technology, during critical weather conditions where electric devices can no longer function, crank radios are a big help. Although it may seem old or antique, this radio is one of the most reliable devices that you should consider including on your emergency kit.

This post explains what crank radio is and how to make it work during critical weather conditions where there’s no electricity available. To give enough nudge why you need to include crank radio in your emergency kit, the following are the top reasons why you need to invest in it.

Reason #1: Reliable

Destructive weather conditions can bring down networks, cell towers, and electricity, causing the internet and your phone to be useless during times like this. Also, with no electricity or telecommunication signal, it won’t be easy to find out any critical announcements coming from the local government.

Fortunately, most of the crank radios today are designed to work without using the conventional plug-in electricity. Crank radios today are either powered by solar panel, or AA batteries, or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and or hank crank.

Reason #2: Perfect for power outages

Aside from extreme weather conditions, power outages can happen anytime. And losing electricity for 1-2 hours, especially at night is not something to be happy about – it’ll be so quiet, dark, and can be dangerous too.

However, investing a reliable crank radio will give you that feeling of security. Plus, you’ll be able to find out the reason for the power outage by listening to reliable live news.

Reason #3:  It’s multipurpose

Most of the crank radios that you’ll find in the market today are designed for multiple purposes. There are crank radios that are designed with an emergency flashlight, which is an essential feature of an emergency radio. Moreover, crank radios are often designed with an ultrasonic dog whistle, making it easy for the rescue team to locate you during or the aftermath of an emergency.

Crank radios are reliable, compact, durable, lightweight, and very usable.

If you are planning to invest in one of the crank radios in the market today, here are the top 3 crank radios this 2019.

  • Eton FRX5BT – Highly rated and most popular crank radio in the market today. Featuring a Bluetooth technology, super clear reception, loud built-in speaker, and water-resistant.
  • RunningSnail Crank Weather Radio – Another popular emergency radio with a compact-sized flashlight and has more than one power option; namely, micro USB charging, solar charging, and a manual hand crank to boost the internal battery.
  • Eton Scorpion II – A durable and battery and hand-crank powered crank radio that is designed with an emergency siren. Also, the radio is guaranteed reliable and water-resistant too.

Final Thoughts

Crank radios are very useful during extreme weather conditions; while the electricity and telecommunication signal is down, you can still get the latest news or announcements from the local government using the radio. Plus, most of the crank radios today are designed with a flashlight – enough reason why you need to invest a crank radio as a part of your emergency kit.

Makeup Tips for Beginners: How to Choose the Best Stick Foundation

There are different types of makeup foundations – powder, liquid, cream, mineral, cream-to-powder, tinted, stick foundation, and more.

If you are planning to purchase a stick makeup foundation and it is your first time doing so, here are a few useful tips on how to choose the best drugstore stick foundation for your skin type.

#1: Know your skin type

Like any other cosmetic product, you have to look for a stick foundation that will suit your skin type – dry, oily, or the combination of dry and oily skin.

  • For dry skin (with pores that are smaller and produces very little oil) – opt for a stick foundation that will efficiently cover dry areas and can keep your face look hydrated; one of these are stick foundations with a creamier formula that can also produce the velvety and dewy finish.
  • For oily skin (with pores that are bigger and there’s a lot of oil production) – opt for a stick foundation that will keep your oil in check. Try to stick with stick foundations that have mattifying effects; this will help keep your large pores concealed.
  • For oily and dry skin types (combined) – opt for a stick foundation that can make your face look hydrated but can produce demi-matte finish – somewhere in between.

#2: Choose the right skin tone

The simplest but the most effective trick in choosing the right foundation that will suit your skin tone is identifying your skin’s undertone first.

The tones of makeup foundations these days are categorized into three – cool, warm, and neutral. To choose which foundation will suit your skin tone, here is how to determine between cool, neutral, and warm skin undertone:

  • You are cool-toned if your veins appear purple or blue; so, choose a stick foundation that appears pinkish, orangey, bluish, and has a shade of red.
  • You are warm-toned if your veins appear green; so, choose a stick foundation that appears golden and little yellowish.
  • You are neutral-toned if your veins appear to have both blue and green; so, choose stick foundations that have blends of pink or yellow.

If you are unsure, you can always try those samples that you can find at the boutique. Try it using on your wrist and find out which shows like neutral to your skin type.

However, you should also take note that the way you apply the foundation matters a lot. So, if you are starting to learn everything about cosmetics and application, you should learn the basics of makeup application. There are a lot of techniques that you can follow; all you need to do is find that simple makeup foundation application technique that you can follow. If you are starting to get comfortable with your first makeup application technique you may challenge yourself with other techniques.

If you want to get additional details about makeup transformations, applications, and more, try to visit Ellis James Designs’ website – there are a lot of very useful and fashion and makeup tips and tricks that you should consider reading.

Protect your Laptop At A Whole New Level

Our laptops have taken their rightful place alongside the stationary desktops as vital pieces of equipment that prove immensely useful, whether in the workplace, or just for pleasure. Versatile reliable machines, laptops are quite pricey, and so one should ensure that his or her laptop will never get misplaced or taken away from one’s possession. In the latter situation, being able to trace your stolen laptop is a must.

In case you haven’t heard of such, there is a lot of laptop tracing software abound. App Soft Hub, a site that offers guides and tips on different aspects of data security and computer privacy, recommends the Computrace LoJack software for your device. With so many programs to choose from, one may ask: What is Lojack?


Lojack and its perks

Lojack started as CompuTrace back in the 90s, conceived by Absolute Software Corporation, a Canadian company specializing in data risk management software. CompuTrace was offered as a stolen laptop recovery service that is good for four years after purchase. Lojack, on the other hand, can also notify the local police about your laptop, and enables tracking of the laptop while deleting its files and locking it.

Starting at $12.23 at Amazon in the form of an online code, Lojack gives your laptop a heightened level of security. You are able to display your laptop’s location on a map thanks to the featured geolocation. The Data Delete feature prevents the disastrous consequences of identity theft by deleting your sensitive files, while the Device Lock feature enables you to block your laptop remotely, denying access to whoever has it in their possession. Absolute’s patented technology and dedicated Theft Recovery Team cooperates with local law enforcement to help you obtain your laptop.

However, the one thing that helps Lojack stand out from the competitors is the level of confidence that has been placed over it: if it cannot find and return your laptop, Absolute offers you up to $1000 for you to get a new one! This is a height on a security provider’s guarantee on the capability of its products; they want you to be as secure as they are with their own product.

Lojack in the works

When you install Lojack, your laptop is connected to a computer in Absolute that registers the device and its serial number, as well as your details on the device and the password. It will spring into action when you report the laptop stolen. When you do, it is flagged and Absolute will then try to track the laptop, at first, in three ways: first, with the phone number that the laptop uses to go online; second, using the IP address to get a street address of the laptop; and third, employing classified means.

While today’s standards in law enforcement means that there seems to be little hope in retrieving a stolen laptop, especially if its parts have been stripped and its hard disk getting reformatted, but Lojack will still persist to operate, being a recovery chip that is probably a bit hard to get rid of.

For only a relatively small sum, the Lojack security software can potentially save you thousands of dollars’ worth of laptop hardware, work and school-related materials, and personal information. App Soft Hub’s recommendation of Lojack is a timely addition to your laptop’s security features, and gives a good peace of mind in its up-to-$1000 return if it does not work for you.

Useful Patio Chairs Advice

You are now the happy owner of a big house with a lot of outdoor space and you can already imagine how your family evenings will look like. Although there isn’t much work to do on the house in order to transform it into the home of your dreams, you just realized that the patio requires a lot of special attention, so you are in design and shopping mode. The outdoor space can surely turn into an extra family room where you can enjoy family dinners or relaxing weekend days; you just need the right furniture, some flowers, some trees and some new grass.

Talking about patio furniture, the selection available on the market is a highly diverse one. This is why a first time buyer might get a bit confused and overwhelmed and might invest the budget in accessories which turn out to be among the worst choices available. If you need, for example, new patio chairs, it is best to check out some patio chair advice and reviews before you actually spend your money. Follow a few easy steps and we can assure you that you will end up choosing the right patio chairs, the ones which will feel comfortable and which your family can use for a long period of time.

As a first step, consider your weather. Do you live in a hot and dry area or do you live by the coast? Do you live in an area with lots of rain? All these are things to consider when it comes to selecting outdoor furniture, especially chairs. This is something that you need to consider because, for example, if you choose to go with wood, then you should know that hot and dry conditions make it splinter and crack. If you go, for example, for patio chairs made of aluminum, a strong wind will take these flying.

Another step that you need to take before you spend money on patio chairs and furniture is to measure your space. You might have the impression that your space is much larger than it really is and end up buying furniture which occupies too much of it. You have to keep a balance if you want some space for grass, trees and flowers, so measure before you go shopping. Next, check the comfort. Always test the furniture that you are about to buy and especially the chairs. They might look good and have a unique design but what if they are uncomfortable and make your back hurt? After all, the role of this patio is to become an outdoor room where you and your family can relax in the evenings and spend quality time together so it is important for the furniture to be a top quality, comfortable one.

Last but not least, make sure that you have enough storage space before you buy the chairs. You won’t be able to use them during the winter season and if you want them to last longer, then they need to be stored in a dry, protected location.

A Great Tool For Car Repairs

It is one big advantage if a person knows how to troubleshoot their car if they own one rather than entirely relying to other people; especially in case of emergency. Regardless if you are a beginner or an expert in this field, one of the most important things you need to do is to learn where to place jack under cars. This will not only help you address whatever is wrong with your car, but this knowledge will also help people prevent further damages and make sure their vehicle is safe.

What is a Car Jack?

Basically, a jack is used when one desires to lift their car whenever you want to check the vehicle underneath. Although there are several types of jacks, it is still easy to operate.

Moving on, there are several points or parts in a car where one can place the jack depending on the case or situation of the vehicle.

First is near the front and back wheel. Whenever you need to change the tires, this spot is very ideal. It does not require you to lift the entire vehicle, but it only puts the pressure on the wheel to make entire process of changing tired hassle-free.

Second is the front crossmember. If the concern is regarding the oil of the engine, people can maximize this spot. This supports the tank that is why any work related with changing oil won’t be very difficult.

Third is the rear crossmember. If the location of the vehicle’s problem is at the back part, this is where people should place the jack; at the rear crossmember. However, to balance the vehicle and just to be safe, there is a need to also use other supports such as lever or any front car support.

Fourth are the sides of the vehicle’s body. This is rarely used though because it usually needs another person’s assistance to avoid accidentally flipping or damaging the car. Although it can be a little risky since this will be putting the pressure on the sides of the car however, this is one effective position if you want to check any damages under the vehicle.

Fifth is the rear differential. Time to replace the bushing and leaf springs? This spot will be the safest to do that. It gives an equal pressure on the vehicle to keep it balanced so there is no need to worry about accidentally flipping the car. Also, it provides a bigger space for every individual that needs a wider view of what’s underneath the vehicle as well.

Lastly is the metal edge. This point is discussed last because it should only be executed when the person already tried putting the jack in all other points that were discussed ahead and still find assessing their vehicles hard because of where the jack was placed. This means that you will be placing the jack on any metal underneath one’s car, but there is a need to be cautious because there are metals which are too soft. One life hack you can do is to make sure that you are placing the jack on a hard metal, is to tap a key or coin on the metal and listen whether it gives a “ting” sound. However if it gives a lower pitch sound, there is a need to find another metal.

For more detailed information about car jacks, you may visit

What to Like and Dislike about Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack

Are you ready for your camping escapade?

Camping and hiking are a thrilling and fun experience. It is the best outdoor activities to do if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. These activities are proven therapeutic and the best kind of stress reliever.

Indeed, hiking and camping promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness. But remember that these activities also have some hazards. Make sure to bring all the essentials you need, including food, water, first-aid kit, toiletries, cutting tools, navigation devices, tent, and extra warm clothing. And most of all, you’ll need a durable and lightweight pack to stuff these items.

Camping enthusiast highly suggests that campers must use lightweight packs, especially when going on a long-distance hike. And, one of the top options out there is Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack.

All About Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack

Osprey is one of the leading manufacturers of backpacks, bags, rucksacks, and camping accessories. This brand is well-known for its durable items that are guaranteed to last long. If you are looking for a cost-efficient camping day pack, the Osprey is an excellent choice.

The Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack is one of its famous day packs. It is the top pick of campers and hikers who are searching for a lightweight pack. Moreover, this item earned awesome reviews from buyers across the globe.

There is more to love about this product. To find out more about Osprey Ultralight Stuff pack, here is the list of things consumers like and dislikes regarding this item.

The Likes

The Osprey has done a great job with this camping bag. Here the features you’ll admire about this product.

1. Lightweight- The entire backpack only weighs 3.2 ounces. It is extremely light that you’ll never get tired carrying it on your back.

2. Comfortable- The bag features Airmesh straps which are guaranteed super comfortable. It doesn’t cut through your skin so you won’t feel soreness and pain. Moreover, the straps have good suspension and absorb the impact of the load.

3. Portable- If you want to bring an extra bag, the Osprey Ultralight stuff pack is a good choice. The bag compresses down, making it easier to store and carry.

4. Easy Loading- Unlike most camping bags with tons of pockets, this bag has one main compartment. You can easily load and pack your items.

The Dislikes

Although the item has promising features, it also has some drawbacks. Here it is.

1. Zippers are not secured- The bag’s zipper tends to slide down, especially when doing a lot of active hiking.

2. Unable to hold water bottles- The side pocket does a poor job in securing a water bottle in place.

3. Not ideal for tall people- If you are tall or has a wide frame, reconsider picking out this bag. The straps are close for people with height over 6’2. Moreover, the straps are tricky to put on.

The Verdict

The Osprey Ultralight Stuff pack is a nice buy. But if you prefer other options, check out the Gear Signal. This online source will provide you product reviews of the top-selling camping gears.