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There are three cosy, comfortable bedrooms, two double and one twin, each named Goodwood, Brighton and Fontwell after nearby race courses.All rooms have colour TV’s and tea/coffee making facilities. .


The area is an ideal base, many sporting activities such as sailing, diving, angling, bowls, golf, walking, cyclingat Goodwood, Brighton and Fontwell.There is the Festival of Speed and Revival Meetings at Goodwood.

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Protect your Laptop At A Whole New Level

Our laptops have taken their rightful place alongside the stationary desktops as vital pieces of equipment that prove immensely useful, whether in the workplace, or just for pleasure. Versatile reliable machines, laptops are quite pricey, and so one should ensure that his or her laptop will never get misplaced or taken away from one’s possession. In the latter situation, being able to trace your stolen laptop is a must.

In case you haven’t heard of such, there is a lot of laptop tracing software abound. App Soft Hub, a site that offers guides and tips on different aspects of data security and computer privacy, recommends the Computrace LoJack software for your device. With so many programs to choose from, one may ask: What is Lojack?


Lojack and its perks

Lojack started as CompuTrace back in the 90s, conceived by Absolute Software Corporation, a Canadian company specializing in data risk management software. CompuTrace was offered as a stolen laptop recovery service that is good for four years after purchase. Lojack, on the other hand, can also notify the local police about your laptop, and enables tracking of the laptop while deleting its files and locking it.

Starting at $12.23 at Amazon in the form of an online code, Lojack gives your laptop a heightened level of security. You are able to display your laptop’s location on a map thanks to the featured geolocation. The Data Delete feature prevents the disastrous consequences of identity theft by deleting your sensitive files, while the Device Lock feature enables you to block your laptop remotely, denying access to whoever has it in their possession. Absolute’s patented technology and dedicated Theft Recovery Team cooperates with local law enforcement to help you obtain your laptop.

However, the one thing that helps Lojack stand out from the competitors is the level of confidence that has been placed over it: if it cannot find and return your laptop, Absolute offers you up to $1000 for you to get a new one! This is a height on a security provider’s guarantee on the capability of its products; they want you to be as secure as they are with their own product.

Lojack in the works

When you install Lojack, your laptop is connected to a computer in Absolute that registers the device and its serial number, as well as your details on the device and the password. It will spring into action when you report the laptop stolen. When you do, it is flagged and Absolute will then try to track the laptop, at first, in three ways: first, with the phone number that the laptop uses to go online; second, using the IP address to get a street address of the laptop; and third, employing classified means.

While today’s standards in law enforcement means that there seems to be little hope in retrieving a stolen laptop, especially if its parts have been stripped and its hard disk getting reformatted, but Lojack will still persist to operate, being a recovery chip that is probably a bit hard to get rid of.

For only a relatively small sum, the Lojack security software can potentially save you thousands of dollars’ worth of laptop hardware, work and school-related materials, and personal information. App Soft Hub’s recommendation of Lojack is a timely addition to your laptop’s security features, and gives a good peace of mind in its up-to-$1000 return if it does not work for you.

Useful Patio Chairs Advice

You are now the happy owner of a big house with a lot of outdoor space and you can already imagine how your family evenings will look like. Although there isn’t much work to do on the house in order to transform it into the home of your dreams, you just realized that the patio requires a lot of special attention, so you are in design and shopping mode. The outdoor space can surely turn into an extra family room where you can enjoy family dinners or relaxing weekend days; you just need the right furniture, some flowers, some trees and some new grass.

Talking about patio furniture, the selection available on the market is a highly diverse one. This is why a first time buyer might get a bit confused and overwhelmed and might invest the budget in accessories which turn out to be among the worst choices available. If you need, for example, new patio chairs, it is best to check out some patio chair advice and reviews before you actually spend your money. Follow a few easy steps and we can assure you that you will end up choosing the right patio chairs, the ones which will feel comfortable and which your family can use for a long period of time.

As a first step, consider your weather. Do you live in a hot and dry area or do you live by the coast? Do you live in an area with lots of rain? All these are things to consider when it comes to selecting outdoor furniture, especially chairs. This is something that you need to consider because, for example, if you choose to go with wood, then you should know that hot and dry conditions make it splinter and crack. If you go, for example, for patio chairs made of aluminum, a strong wind will take these flying.

Another step that you need to take before you spend money on patio chairs and furniture is to measure your space. You might have the impression that your space is much larger than it really is and end up buying furniture which occupies too much of it. You have to keep a balance if you want some space for grass, trees and flowers, so measure before you go shopping. Next, check the comfort. Always test the furniture that you are about to buy and especially the chairs. They might look good and have a unique design but what if they are uncomfortable and make your back hurt? After all, the role of this patio is to become an outdoor room where you and your family can relax in the evenings and spend quality time together so it is important for the furniture to be a top quality, comfortable one.

Last but not least, make sure that you have enough storage space before you buy the chairs. You won’t be able to use them during the winter season and if you want them to last longer, then they need to be stored in a dry, protected location.

A Great Tool For Car Repairs

It is one big advantage if a person knows how to troubleshoot their car if they own one rather than entirely relying to other people; especially in case of emergency. Regardless if you are a beginner or an expert in this field, one of the most important things you need to do is to learn where to place jack under cars. This will not only help you address whatever is wrong with your car, but this knowledge will also help people prevent further damages and make sure their vehicle is safe.

What is a Car Jack?

Basically, a jack is used when one desires to lift their car whenever you want to check the vehicle underneath. Although there are several types of jacks, it is still easy to operate.

Moving on, there are several points or parts in a car where one can place the jack depending on the case or situation of the vehicle.

First is near the front and back wheel. Whenever you need to change the tires, this spot is very ideal. It does not require you to lift the entire vehicle, but it only puts the pressure on the wheel to make entire process of changing tired hassle-free.

Second is the front crossmember. If the concern is regarding the oil of the engine, people can maximize this spot. This supports the tank that is why any work related with changing oil won’t be very difficult.

Third is the rear crossmember. If the location of the vehicle’s problem is at the back part, this is where people should place the jack; at the rear crossmember. However, to balance the vehicle and just to be safe, there is a need to also use other supports such as lever or any front car support.

Fourth are the sides of the vehicle’s body. This is rarely used though because it usually needs another person’s assistance to avoid accidentally flipping or damaging the car. Although it can be a little risky since this will be putting the pressure on the sides of the car however, this is one effective position if you want to check any damages under the vehicle.

Fifth is the rear differential. Time to replace the bushing and leaf springs? This spot will be the safest to do that. It gives an equal pressure on the vehicle to keep it balanced so there is no need to worry about accidentally flipping the car. Also, it provides a bigger space for every individual that needs a wider view of what’s underneath the vehicle as well.

Lastly is the metal edge. This point is discussed last because it should only be executed when the person already tried putting the jack in all other points that were discussed ahead and still find assessing their vehicles hard because of where the jack was placed. This means that you will be placing the jack on any metal underneath one’s car, but there is a need to be cautious because there are metals which are too soft. One life hack you can do is to make sure that you are placing the jack on a hard metal, is to tap a key or coin on the metal and listen whether it gives a “ting” sound. However if it gives a lower pitch sound, there is a need to find another metal.

For more detailed information about car jacks, you may visit

What to Like and Dislike about Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack

Are you ready for your camping escapade?

Camping and hiking are a thrilling and fun experience. It is the best outdoor activities to do if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. These activities are proven therapeutic and the best kind of stress reliever.

Indeed, hiking and camping promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness. But remember that these activities also have some hazards. Make sure to bring all the essentials you need, including food, water, first-aid kit, toiletries, cutting tools, navigation devices, tent, and extra warm clothing. And most of all, you’ll need a durable and lightweight pack to stuff these items.

Camping enthusiast highly suggests that campers must use lightweight packs, especially when going on a long-distance hike. And, one of the top options out there is Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack.

All About Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack

Osprey is one of the leading manufacturers of backpacks, bags, rucksacks, and camping accessories. This brand is well-known for its durable items that are guaranteed to last long. If you are looking for a cost-efficient camping day pack, the Osprey is an excellent choice.

The Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack is one of its famous day packs. It is the top pick of campers and hikers who are searching for a lightweight pack. Moreover, this item earned awesome reviews from buyers across the globe.

There is more to love about this product. To find out more about Osprey Ultralight Stuff pack, here is the list of things consumers like and dislikes regarding this item.

The Likes

The Osprey has done a great job with this camping bag. Here the features you’ll admire about this product.

1. Lightweight- The entire backpack only weighs 3.2 ounces. It is extremely light that you’ll never get tired carrying it on your back.

2. Comfortable- The bag features Airmesh straps which are guaranteed super comfortable. It doesn’t cut through your skin so you won’t feel soreness and pain. Moreover, the straps have good suspension and absorb the impact of the load.

3. Portable- If you want to bring an extra bag, the Osprey Ultralight stuff pack is a good choice. The bag compresses down, making it easier to store and carry.

4. Easy Loading- Unlike most camping bags with tons of pockets, this bag has one main compartment. You can easily load and pack your items.

The Dislikes

Although the item has promising features, it also has some drawbacks. Here it is.

1. Zippers are not secured- The bag’s zipper tends to slide down, especially when doing a lot of active hiking.

2. Unable to hold water bottles- The side pocket does a poor job in securing a water bottle in place.

3. Not ideal for tall people- If you are tall or has a wide frame, reconsider picking out this bag. The straps are close for people with height over 6’2. Moreover, the straps are tricky to put on.

The Verdict

The Osprey Ultralight Stuff pack is a nice buy. But if you prefer other options, check out the Gear Signal. This online source will provide you product reviews of the top-selling camping gears.

Home Sweet Home

Your home is your sanctuary. It is the most important place in your lives because this is where you are raised. It is where love originates. This is the place that serves as haven of memories which may be bitter or sweet. It is a place where you could relax and be comfortable. Your home is a special place of retreat for peace after a long day at work or school. It shelters you from rain or sunshine, storm or snow and even from the unfriendly and sometimes chaotic world out there. The only safe haven where family loves and lives harmoniously.

The home is indeed very important in a person’s life. You may always strive to make it very special by designing it to your own liking. Every person surely has their own personal taste that could be reflected in your home. Achieving your home’s personality is a long and perhaps a never ending process. Home improvements from time to time are usually initiated. The overall interior design should be the right blend of hues. Purchase of different types of furniture, paintings, various displays and kitchenware entails a serious decision making. Home maintenance and repairs is also a regular thing for home owners. It is one of the important precautions to make our home a safe place to live in.

Different parts of your home serve a certain purpose. The living room is made for family bonding and where guests or friends are entertained. The kitchen is where the food for sharing was created. Dining area is the favorite spot for sharing the food and talks about your families’ life. The bedroom should be the most peaceful and the most personalized spot in your home since it is your private place where you rest and contemplate. Lastly, the bathroom which is the most important part yet often neglected. It is an essential place where cleanliness starts.

The bathroom is indeed one of the most important parts in a person’s home. It could determine the state of hygiene and even your health. This is the place where you do the most personal things in your life yet this is often overlooked as it is the most obscure place in the public. Lots of people invest a lot in the furniture or entertainment appliances but bathroom essentials should be equally important as well. A typical bathroom contains a shower, a bathtub, mirror and toilet bowl but adding toilet stool could be a life changing option. Toilet stools are unpopular topic but if you are looking for one know why it’s best by checking out is a website talks about the uses of toilet stool. The best thing about this site is it ranks the top toilet stool in the market to guide readers in their purchase decision. All the brands are weighed by presenting the product’s feature and sighting the pros and cons. The readers could checkout the product of their choice by clicking the link provided at the article. All their information and other details are found in their website. To make your home a better sanctuary, visit to know more about how you can improve your living space called home.

A Two-Step Formula to Up the Ante on Marketing

Making your mark online can either be easy or difficult, depending on how you wanted to do it. For online entrepreneurial ventures, it is on the latter part. Addressing this problem, there are a bunch of people online willing to help out other people. One of them is Alan Je.

Something worth checking out?

Alan Je identifies himself as a project manager with a long time interest in software and computers, and is presently reviewing various online marketing packages. He launched his site as a platform for online training for entrepreneurs. He seems to have come up with a simple formula, supposedly for a better performance as an entrepreneur, which sounds really promising; he says that he earns over a hundred dollars in just twelve hours! He likewise says that it is kind of weird, but works nonetheless. Or does it?

The site

For one, the site is still on a rudimentary form; there are working tabs and links, yet the site is still largely empty. Think of an unfurnished house and you’ll get the idea.

The tab which should be expected to grab the attention of every person visiting the site is the tab labeled Simple Two-Step Formula; after all, this is what Alan has bannered all along. Clicking on the tab opens a new page where he describes how the formula seems to work for him; the figure is $142.62 per twelve hours, which should make this almost twice as high as the minimum wage in the US. The question still stands: What exactly is the two step formula about? Does the two step formula work?

Before we all find out, we are supposed to put our name and our email address on the boxes provided on the same page, which has a photograph of the author’s face. Filling out the text boxes and hitting the Subscribe button has no apparent effect; it seems that the page only refreshes. On the bottom of the page is the Privacy Policy button, or whatever it is meant to be, because it is not a button leading to a link for a privacy policy of sorts.

Lacking any demonstration of the formula in action, it may be said that the two-step formula does not work.

Is it a dead end?

Indeed, the site still looks new and so we may not expect to get everything just yet. However, poking around the site, specifically on the Site Admins page, reveals external links, which are Alan’s social media accounts. The Facebook link turns up blank; it shows that it is either blank or it may have been deleted already.

The Twitter link, however, is pretty much active, with Alan writing as AJ / @wembleymat. He has numerous tweets with links of different reviews he has made on different products, mostly on digital marketing and tips on search engine optimization in order to stand out from other business competitors online. He also has tweets on business management and starting new entrepreneurial ventures.

Sadly, the two-step formula seems non-existent, but it does not mean that it is the end of the road. If you find Alan’s Twitter content interesting, and if you do have a Twitter account, it can be worth following him there instead.

The Good Equipment for Scuba

Recreational activities are something that all of us enjoy. It gives us a feeling of fulfillment and enjoyment while we do these activities. Recreational activities can range from different sports like Basketball, Soccer, and Tennis to other outdoor activities like hiking, biking and scuba diving to even some indoor activities like drawing, playing computer games or Games in general and playing a musical instrument like a piano or guitar. Whichever one it is, we should choose to do the ones we love and gives us the biggest sense of fulfillment without regarding how hard and tiring it could be to you. Fulfillment is one of the greatest feelings that you can have.

However, in doing recreational activities, the equipment or the things you have can also affect your enjoyment. For example, in basketball, when you have a faulty ball or an old ball it feels different to dribble. You might even blame it for some misplays while you play. Another example is when you are playing computer games, where some people can get a little bit salty for having a bad game time. They can even blame their PC, keyboard, mouse, or even their internet service provider for giving them a bad time in their game. What we can take here is having the best equipment possible can help you enjoy your activities more and if you fail you cannot blame your equipment.

Scuba Diving

Now we come to scuba diving. In scuba diving you use a lot of equipment for you to be able to go underwater. The equipment that you will be using can include the following: Diving mask, Wetsuit, Diving cylinder, Diving regulator, Swim fins, dive computer and so much more. There are so many equipments in scuba diving but when you are underwater you will be amazed of the view and the sights you see. You will be able to see the fish and all kinds of aquatic life.

One particular equipment that is really helpful and guides the divers the most is the dive computer. The dive computer shows you the time like a watch but it also has different functions that can be crucial during a dive. It shows you the depth you are currently at and it can also warn you of the most important things in the dive, like the no – stop limit and certain data to help avoid decompression.

Now, you might ask yourself, which one of these dive computers are worth it and can be easily used and not quite as bulky as the other ones. It is a good thing that Scuba Diver HQ, a website that is dedicated to the best scuba diving equipment by giving guides and reviews on them, has reviewed and recommended a lot of different dive computers. One of them is Mares Puck Pro Plus. A summary of their review basically says that this dive computer is affordable, easy to use, a slick design but an okay functionality compared to other dive computers. This one could be your first dive computer for your scuba dives and you will be able to love your scuba diving. If you want to learn more, feel free to visit the review at

The Charm of Dating Experience with Older Men

Dating is a word that will give you goose bumps at times due to a high level of excitement that is created in our body due to hormonal activity in our bloodstream. Human is a very emotional being. They love to share their emotions with whom they find themselves attracted to. At times you will consider yourself at top of your emotions when you are dating someone you love and care for. Dating and loveable experience can not only be between two individuals of the same age group but at the same time, it can be between two persons belonging to two different generations. Older people may like to interact in a different way with their younger partners but at the same time, the younger individual must understand the feelings and fulfill that needs and wants of older men.

It must be very clear that dating an older man is a little different experience. It may or may not yield the same results as you expect but will surely be a strong and healthy relationship if you understand your older partner. There are some key aspects like appreciation and acknowledgment that must be considered before pursuing such a relationship.

Important aspects to consider while dating older men:

The trend of young women dating older men is not a new one. It is also very natural and just like any other relationship it has some pros and cons associated with it. Let us have a look at some important aspects to strengthen your relationship if you are considering or interested in dating older men.

  • You must be very supportive and caring about what your man likes to do the most. There must be no hindrance in whatever his future goals are. You must understand his nature and be very gentle and polite in your acts.
  • Appreciation is key to any relationship. You must appreciate his work and what he has achieved in his life. You must consider the importance of his life experience and acknowledge that.
  • With every new relationship there comes new responsibilities towards your partner irrespective of the age group to which he belongs. It is therefore utmost important to understand the nature of your relationship.
  • In making your relationship ever so strong you must be aware of the fact that this dating period might not lead to any sexual physical intercourse since many individuals above the age of fifty generally lose the rejection ability and will not be able to please you that much with sexual interaction. Thus remaining mild and gentle in your actions can be your best bet in a long-lasting and healthy relationship.
  • You must understand that you are standing at two different stages in your life’s thus he may already have children and you have none. Thus you must also be very positive in relation to his kids to win his heart.
  • Age can only be the problem to the extent up to which you allow it to be. Since age is just a number and nothing else. At the end of the day what matters is the happiness of the two individuals.

Portable French Press Coffee Maker – Buying Guide

French press coffee is now getting the recognition that it deserves – at least for certified coffee lovers. Even so, it is a milestone for other coffee lovers to know how French press coffee tastes like – better than the regular instant coffee that you brew in the usual coffee maker.

Why waste money on French press coffee maker when you can just buy a 2-3 ounce cup of espresso or maybe your regular café Americano at a nearby coffee shop? Well, that’s a good idea; however, wouldn’t it be practical to make your own coffee? Plus, it isn’t just coffee, it is a French press coffee.

French press coffee has a distinct aroma that will instantly wake you up and refreshing taste of coffee, thanks to the coffee oils that remain in the coffee after steeping or brewing. Plus, if you are worried about the steep time to have a perfect brew, there are awesome portable French press options for you to choose from. Portable French press coffee maker is easy and convenient to use; plus, you can enjoy a great-tasting French press coffee anywhere and anytime.

Here are a few tips on how to choose a portable French press coffee maker:

1. Look for a French press coffee maker that is portable enough that you can bring with you and enjoy a great tasting coffee anywhere and anytime. There is portable French press coffee maker that are designed as tumblers or mugs; this highlights that you can make a freshly brewed coffee at work, while you are on travel, or just doing nothing at home, as long as, you have hot water and the right amount of ground coffee inside the carafe.

2. Choose a French press coffee maker that has a double-wall vacuum; this type of French press coffee maker has the ability to keep the coffee hot or cold for hours.

3. Choose a user-friendly portable French press coffee maker. Check out its specifications and read some essential details on the French press coffee maker that you are planning to purchase or try to read some of its honest reviews and find out how convenient and user-friendly it is.

4. Make sure to choose a durable French press coffee maker.

5. Look for a versatile French press coffee maker, which can make not only delicious French press coffee but also tea. There are portable types and brands of French press coffee maker that are also designed to accommodate making teas (both hot and cold), as well as, iced coffee.

6. Make sure to buy BPA-free and FDA-approved portable French press coffee maker.

7. Get yourself a French press coffee maker that is easy to clean, as well as, to maintain.

Final Thoughts

French press coffee is one of the nicest coffees that you should try out and practice making; however, to achieve the best tasting and aromatic French press coffee, you have to invest in a good French press coffee maker. At Coffee Break Essentials there is a lot of detailed information about this year’s best portable French press coffee maker – perfect for legit coffee lovers who are always on the go.

Guide and Reviews in Buying the Best Back Massagers of 2019

Are you looking for a solution to your back pain? Do you have no more time to go to the professional and have some massage schedule? If your answer is yes, then back massagers are the best solution for you. In trying this back massager, you can save big money compared to spending it on a professional masseuse service. It is not guaranteed that you can have a back massage every week or every month because of your time and of course the budget. Nowadays, professional masseuse or masseur requires big charges, and it will be hard for you to achieve their service if you have only a limited budget. Instead, buying these back massagers could help you massage every day after your work because you can have it in your home and you can use it anytime and anywhere. So, how much are these back massagers? Find out here the best price of back massagers that have high quality or top rated reviews from its users. Mostly, you can find here the best Massage Gear Guide that could be  perfect for your back pains and other body pain solutions. It is important to read these reviews in order to find and get the best one that will suit your needs. Surely, after reading these reviews, you can choose which one is perfect for you!

Snailax Shiatsu Back Massager – This back massager could give five different massage methods that can be flexible to use. These include the shiatsu back massage with heat, shiatsu neck and shoulder massage with heat, rolling massage, spot massage, and the vibration seat massage. You can choose to use it on sofas, couch, recliner,  and different types of chairs that can be used in office, kitchen and other uses. It has a remote control that offers different functions.   It offers small buttons that you can choose to control how many minutes you want to massage your back. For example, you will set it to 15 minutes or 10 minutes and then it will automatically be stopped. It also offers heat button that will be heated up when massage function is on. Another button is the shiatsu massage button that can be functioned in just one press of the button, and if double press the button, it will change the rotation direction, and if thrice press, it will turn off the neck massager. It has also two arrows button that points up and down and also you can adjust or control the roller position. It also offers vibration button that lets you rotate the option to low, high and off settings. Mostly, it offers three button options that you focus on the massage, that is the full back button, upper back button, and the lower back button.

Also, it is just easy to clean because the cover could be removed. It provides vibration seat massager

VIVREAL Back Massager – A perfect choice for those people who experienced body aches, muscle tension and muscle knots.  This device can be used straight up to 100 minutes when fully charged. With a measurement of 16 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches and 1.85 pounds weight, you can easily carry it with you wherever you go because it is also rechargeable. This type of device offers the percussion massages that can massage the other small areas of the body that includes your feet, shoulders, thighs, back, ankle, neck, etc, Perfect for tissue massage that offers six adjustable speeds and massage options. The low-speed option can give a gentle and very relaxing massage while the high massage setting can ease the stress with its intense massage. You can find the remote control at the back of the handheld wand.  It has a battery indicator light feature to tell you if it is needed to be charged. It offers a speed adjustment button as an option for the high and low settings.

For more lists of back massagers, visit only at