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There are three cosy, comfortable bedrooms, two double and one twin, each named Goodwood, Brighton and Fontwell after nearby race courses.All rooms have colour TV’s and tea/coffee making facilities. .


The area is an ideal base, many sporting activities such as sailing, diving, angling, bowls, golf, walking, cyclingat Goodwood, Brighton and Fontwell.There is the Festival of Speed and Revival Meetings at Goodwood.

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The Charm of Dating Experience with Older Men

Dating is a word that will give you goose bumps at times due to a high level of excitement that is created in our body due to hormonal activity in our bloodstream. Human is a very emotional being. They love to share their emotions with whom they find themselves attracted to. At times you will consider yourself at top of your emotions when you are dating someone you love and care for. Dating and loveable experience can not only be between two individuals of the same age group but at the same time, it can be between two persons belonging to two different generations. Older people may like to interact in a different way with their younger partners but at the same time, the younger individual must understand the feelings and fulfill that needs and wants of older men.

It must be very clear that dating an older man is a little different experience. It may or may not yield the same results as you expect but will surely be a strong and healthy relationship if you understand your older partner. There are some key aspects like appreciation and acknowledgment that must be considered before pursuing such a relationship.

Important aspects to consider while dating older men:

The trend of young women dating older men is not a new one. It is also very natural and just like any other relationship it has some pros and cons associated with it. Let us have a look at some important aspects to strengthen your relationship if you are considering or interested in dating older men.

  • You must be very supportive and caring about what your man likes to do the most. There must be no hindrance in whatever his future goals are. You must understand his nature and be very gentle and polite in your acts.
  • Appreciation is key to any relationship. You must appreciate his work and what he has achieved in his life. You must consider the importance of his life experience and acknowledge that.
  • With every new relationship there comes new responsibilities towards your partner irrespective of the age group to which he belongs. It is therefore utmost important to understand the nature of your relationship.
  • In making your relationship ever so strong you must be aware of the fact that this dating period might not lead to any sexual physical intercourse since many individuals above the age of fifty generally lose the rejection ability and will not be able to please you that much with sexual interaction. Thus remaining mild and gentle in your actions can be your best bet in a long-lasting and healthy relationship.
  • You must understand that you are standing at two different stages in your life’s thus he may already have children and you have none. Thus you must also be very positive in relation to his kids to win his heart.
  • Age can only be the problem to the extent up to which you allow it to be. Since age is just a number and nothing else. At the end of the day what matters is the happiness of the two individuals.

Portable French Press Coffee Maker – Buying Guide

French press coffee is now getting the recognition that it deserves – at least for certified coffee lovers. Even so, it is a milestone for other coffee lovers to know how French press coffee tastes like – better than the regular instant coffee that you brew in the usual coffee maker.

Why waste money on French press coffee maker when you can just buy a 2-3 ounce cup of espresso or maybe your regular café Americano at a nearby coffee shop? Well, that’s a good idea; however, wouldn’t it be practical to make your own coffee? Plus, it isn’t just coffee, it is a French press coffee.

French press coffee has a distinct aroma that will instantly wake you up and refreshing taste of coffee, thanks to the coffee oils that remain in the coffee after steeping or brewing. Plus, if you are worried about the steep time to have a perfect brew, there are awesome portable French press options for you to choose from. Portable French press coffee maker is easy and convenient to use; plus, you can enjoy a great-tasting French press coffee anywhere and anytime.

Here are a few tips on how to choose a portable French press coffee maker:

1. Look for a French press coffee maker that is portable enough that you can bring with you and enjoy a great tasting coffee anywhere and anytime. There is portable French press coffee maker that are designed as tumblers or mugs; this highlights that you can make a freshly brewed coffee at work, while you are on travel, or just doing nothing at home, as long as, you have hot water and the right amount of ground coffee inside the carafe.

2. Choose a French press coffee maker that has a double-wall vacuum; this type of French press coffee maker has the ability to keep the coffee hot or cold for hours.

3. Choose a user-friendly portable French press coffee maker. Check out its specifications and read some essential details on the French press coffee maker that you are planning to purchase or try to read some of its honest reviews and find out how convenient and user-friendly it is.

4. Make sure to choose a durable French press coffee maker.

5. Look for a versatile French press coffee maker, which can make not only delicious French press coffee but also tea. There are portable types and brands of French press coffee maker that are also designed to accommodate making teas (both hot and cold), as well as, iced coffee.

6. Make sure to buy BPA-free and FDA-approved portable French press coffee maker.

7. Get yourself a French press coffee maker that is easy to clean, as well as, to maintain.

Final Thoughts

French press coffee is one of the nicest coffees that you should try out and practice making; however, to achieve the best tasting and aromatic French press coffee, you have to invest in a good French press coffee maker. At Coffee Break Essentials there is a lot of detailed information about this year’s best portable French press coffee maker – perfect for legit coffee lovers who are always on the go.

Guide and Reviews in Buying the Best Back Massagers of 2019

Are you looking for a solution to your back pain? Do you have no more time to go to the professional and have some massage schedule? If your answer is yes, then back massagers are the best solution for you. In trying this back massager, you can save big money compared to spending it on a professional masseuse service. It is not guaranteed that you can have a back massage every week or every month because of your time and of course the budget. Nowadays, professional masseuse or masseur requires big charges, and it will be hard for you to achieve their service if you have only a limited budget. Instead, buying these back massagers could help you massage every day after your work because you can have it in your home and you can use it anytime and anywhere. So, how much are these back massagers? Find out here the best price of back massagers that have high quality or top rated reviews from its users. Mostly, you can find here the best Massage Gear Guide that could be  perfect for your back pains and other body pain solutions. It is important to read these reviews in order to find and get the best one that will suit your needs. Surely, after reading these reviews, you can choose which one is perfect for you!

Snailax Shiatsu Back Massager – This back massager could give five different massage methods that can be flexible to use. These include the shiatsu back massage with heat, shiatsu neck and shoulder massage with heat, rolling massage, spot massage, and the vibration seat massage. You can choose to use it on sofas, couch, recliner,  and different types of chairs that can be used in office, kitchen and other uses. It has a remote control that offers different functions.   It offers small buttons that you can choose to control how many minutes you want to massage your back. For example, you will set it to 15 minutes or 10 minutes and then it will automatically be stopped. It also offers heat button that will be heated up when massage function is on. Another button is the shiatsu massage button that can be functioned in just one press of the button, and if double press the button, it will change the rotation direction, and if thrice press, it will turn off the neck massager. It has also two arrows button that points up and down and also you can adjust or control the roller position. It also offers vibration button that lets you rotate the option to low, high and off settings. Mostly, it offers three button options that you focus on the massage, that is the full back button, upper back button, and the lower back button.

Also, it is just easy to clean because the cover could be removed. It provides vibration seat massager

VIVREAL Back Massager – A perfect choice for those people who experienced body aches, muscle tension and muscle knots.  This device can be used straight up to 100 minutes when fully charged. With a measurement of 16 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches and 1.85 pounds weight, you can easily carry it with you wherever you go because it is also rechargeable. This type of device offers the percussion massages that can massage the other small areas of the body that includes your feet, shoulders, thighs, back, ankle, neck, etc, Perfect for tissue massage that offers six adjustable speeds and massage options. The low-speed option can give a gentle and very relaxing massage while the high massage setting can ease the stress with its intense massage. You can find the remote control at the back of the handheld wand.  It has a battery indicator light feature to tell you if it is needed to be charged. It offers a speed adjustment button as an option for the high and low settings.

For more lists of back massagers, visit only at

Why Switch to Aurora Automated Webinars?

Automated webinar systems are now the trend in digital marketing. Big time and small business owners are enticed to try this new technique because of the amazing results given by current users. It is a guaranteed cost-efficient marketing strategy.

One of the highly recommended automated webinar systems today is the Aurora. It is a creation of Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace who are well-known in this industry for their various training courses and digital products.

The Aurora has earned praises from customers. Also, product reviews are candidly expressing the cleverness and effectiveness of this program in terms of increasing sales. You can see this post:, it is an honest review of the Aurora program.

Now, the question is this; why you should consider using Aurora?

To answer the question above, find out the benefits of this program down below.

#1 Automated Performance

The Aurora allows users to sell high ticket products using an automated webinar system. This system automatically sends the high-ticket into traffic sources. The software accesses social channels like Pinterest and Instagram to get the targeted traffic fast.

These automated webinars help you to make sales on autopilot. There is no need for you to keep on monitoring the system. It will do its job despite less supervision.

#2 Responsive Online Help Desk

Is this your first time using an automated webinar system?

Remember that you are not alone. Indeed, first times can be overwhelming and daunting. That is why the Aurora software has an online help desk wherein you can ask for guidance while starting your way on this new digital marketing technique.

Their customer support system is responsive. They will immediately answer your questions regarding Aurora. And, if you need assistance or clarifications concerning the software, feel free to send your query on their online help desk.

#3 Compatible with Mac and PC

Take note that Aurora is a cloud-based software. Since it is accessible through the internet, this software is compatible with any computer, including Mac.

#4 User-Friendly

Are you a newbie in this type of online marketing strategy?

No worries friend! The Aurora has no complex systems. It is incredibly simple and easy to understand, even for non-tech savvy persons.

The system offers a complete guideline on how to use traffic sources and send it to automated webinars. It also has a start-up guide on an effective way to use this program for your business’ benefit.

Each step on how to get started with this software is included on the program in the form of video tutorials. These training videos discuss the overall production of the Aurora system.

#5 Money Back Guarantee

What if the Aurora program you bought did not work?

Well, the creators of Aurora offer a 30 days money back guarantee to appease customers who bought a program with a fault or defect on the system. The terms and processes on how to get your money back are indicated on the software. You can also call their online help desk to know the right actions to take.

So, what do you think of the Aurora program? Are you willing to try it?

If you want to know more about this software, go to the Online Marketing Software website for additional info.

Importance of DHA Parental vitamins in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the stage of a women’s life where she needs utmost care and a balanced diet. Many of inorganic foods and foods containing preservatives are essentially avoided in this condition. Many of edible products that are feasible in normal daily life are also restricted in state of pregnancy. Hence it is most important to choose the safest and most reliable supplements that have no harmful effect on mother or child’s health during or even after pregnancy.

Let us look at some quality prenatal DHA from Nordic Naturals Nordic Naturals has provided solution in a number of ways. IT has made prenatal DHA offering in a wide variety and range that covers different taste and sizes of pills so that it will be easier for consumption. Nordic natural’s supplements are available in a wide range of options that are provided both on prescription as well as over the counter to suit your needs. You can get it in strawberry-flavor or even unflavored if you don’t like to taste the supplement or prefer to gulp it without chewing, and it’s also available in liquid form if you cannot swallow large pills. It is present in form of bottle of 90, 120, or 180 ml. Cost is also managed if you buy in bulk quantities.  The more you buy, the more you save, hence it is always wiser to save something by bulk purchasing.

Important features of Nordic naturals DHA:

Nordic naturals is organic food supplement with omega-3 that yields instant emery and helps in body repair and damage cells recovery along with vitamin-E formation in our body. Let us discuss some of the main features of these essentials supplements.

  • Nordic naturals has omega 3 oils that give it long life and has no artificial preservative. It does not contain any preservatives that could be harmful in pregnancy.
  • Nordic naturals DHA supplement is your best bet if you want to take energy and natural benefits of omega-3 extracts such as detoxification of body and production of vitamin-E. Omega-3 is one of the main ingredients that human body does not produce and we have to take it externally to generate vitamin-E that body cannot generate internally without omega-3 in molecular form.
  • Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA is very useful supplement that is based on balanced ingredients and is safe for consumption in pregnancy. This product is reliable due to its sale over the years and it does not need any kind of preservatives.
  • When we talk about organic diet it means foods extracted from animal or plant sources such as meat, grains and pulses etc. Inorganic food sources mainly comprises processed food sources that are produced by applying chemical procedures like fermentation, evaporation and chemical reactions that delivers as secondary food source. These inorganic sources are also vital these days.
  • Supplements especially Dhal supplements that contain Omega-3 are usually very costly but Nordic naturals DHA parental vitamins has provided solution to this problem since this DHA has very low cost as compared to its competitors.

Everything You Need to Know about Repairing Sewing Machines

When I purchased my first sewing machine, I didn’t know anything about using one or maintaining one in a good state; I didn’t even have any particular sewing skills. However, I was glad to realize that you can easily find experts and people with experience who were more than happy to share their knowledge with beginners like me. What I remember is that while researching about how to repair a sewing machine, I read that it is always best to prevent than to repair; I have to admit that this post helped a ton. Among the first things I learned was that it is highly recommended to follow some easy steps in order to maintain the sewing machine in an excellent state. Here is the list:

  • Allow it to rest. No matter how much you enjoy sewing or how in a hurry you are, it is important to allow it to rest every few hours. Don’t use it continuously for long hours because it will overheat and certain parts will begin to malfunction. You will feel a burnt smell if you use it for a too long time, so turn it off, as this clearly indicates a problem.
  • Clean and oil it. This will prevent overheating and also, it will ensure that there will be no parts which get stuck.
  • Changing of parts. If you notice that there are parts giving signs of being worn out, you should replace them as fast as possible.

Now that you know how to maintain the sewing machine in a good state by following a few simple steps, check out the list below in order to learn how to repair some of the most common problems that can appear while using such a tool.

  • Skipping stitches- If the stitches are coming out uneven or they are entirely skipping, then it must be the needle, which is either damaged or broken. You just have to replace the needle after every 16 hours of stitching and you will easily get the issue solved.
  • The needle breaks- This usually happens because you use a needle which is wrong for the material that you are sewing on. You will learn which needle size suits which material but before you do, check out the specialized charts. For example, a light needle of size 9 to 11 suits materials such as silk, chiffon or organza, while a size 14 needle is recommended for materials such as flannel or synthetic suede.
  • Jammed sewing machine. This is a problem which appears quite often. When the sewing machine gets jammed, it will stop sewing. The only thing that you can do in a situation like this is to remove the fabric. Once the material is removed, make sure that you also remove all the jammed threads before you reintroduce the material. This will prevent other jammed threads issues.

As you can see, you only need a few tips and tricks in order to solve common sewing machine problems all by yourself, without any help.

Best Reading Lights For Bed That You Should Check Out

When it comes to our bed reading lights, it is wise to choose the best quality. Nowadays, there are lots of options to choose from in the market. But in finding the best quality of reading lights, what are the things that you should consider in buying it? There are different needs that every one of us are looking for. For example, in my case, I love to read books and study every night. Also, my eye condition is nearsighted, thus I will need a brighter bed reading lights to help me fulfill my reading goals every night. That is only my personal needs, but how about you? What type of reading lights do you need? Well, in this article, let me help you find out the best reading lights that are best for you.

LuminoLite LED Rechargeable Book Light – This type of reading light can be wrapped around your neck while reading. It has four LED lights that you can find on both arms of the light, two is for the main light, one is for the flashlight mode, and the other one is for the floodlight. It has three brightness settings that you can adjust, the wide area for the flashlight setting, the wide light for the floodlight and the full brightness option. It also offers rechargeable batteries that you can easily charge and use up to 40 hours. It is also best to use for indoors and outdoors activities. It comes in a padded and soft silicone exterior where it is flexible to adjust and bend for your specific needs.

Acegoo Bedside Reading Light – Simple and easy to install on walls and headboards. It offers focused lighting that is best for reading, studying or writing. It also offers gooseneck features that you can easily adjust the light to give more focused to your specific location. The best thing also that this reading light could offer is the single switch for dim light and adjust the brightness option. If you are looking for a perfect reading light, then this is right for you because it offers soft light bulb that does not strain your eyes.

W-LITE LED Reading Light – Highly flexible modern reading light design that could be clipped to anything because of its highly functional clip. It comes with a rubber clip that you can easily clip it anywhere as long as you are using it in your reading or studying. You can also choose to put it on the wall using the plastic mount that is included in the package. It has built-in eye protection that makes your reading comfortable. You can choose also dim options where you can adjust it as well as the 360 degrees adjustment and up to 18 inches extension through the gooseneck feature. A USB-powered reading light that offers warm light and cool white light settings.

For more tips in finding the best reading lights for bed, check it out at From there, you can find different book light advice and reviews that you should check out. This could be helpful for you in finding the best reading light that will suit your reading needs.

What’s the difference between a hotel and a bed & breakfast?


A place to stay is definitely one of the first things that a traveler needs to settle when traveling to a particular place. Of course, it follows that the type of accommodation one wants to avail is also a primary concern that needs settling also.  The majority of the rooms at a Bed and Breakfast Inn are one of a kind and no two are the equivalent. Most rooms are outfitted with extravagance clothes and bedding. Some have present-day goods while others have fantastic collectibles.

Stores and Cancelations:

Hotels generally secure a visitor charge card to “hold” a space for the visitor. The Hotel does not promise you a specific room in their stock. They, as a rule, surrender the explorer to 24 hours preceding drop.

Since a Bed and Breakfast Inn is ensuring the visitor one of their remarkable rooms, they require a store, ordinarily, one night remains or 50% of the parity of the remain. Consequently, the Inn never again showcases the room. A crossing out can dramatically affect a Bed and Breakfast. Most B&B’s have intense interest rooms and a constrained stock. Subsequently, B&B’s have unquestionably progressively stringent wiping out strategies.


Many inns charge for stopping. A Bed and Breakfast Inn offers free nearby stopping for their visitors.

Concierge and Bellman: This is an administration that any lodgings give and tips are normal. The Innkeeper capacities in both of these limits and are happy to give these administrations. Tips are not expected at a B&B. Owners think of it as a respect to give nearby suggestions to exercises, eating, and helping with stuff.

Bites and Beverages:

Hotels give nibble machines or in-room snacks for an expense. A jug of water can be $3-$6 and snacks extend in cost. Most Bed and Breakfasts give free tidbits and drinks. Numerous extravagance Inns give crisp prepared treats or pastries during the evening gratis.

Choices with regard to the aforesaid matters are important because the place where one chooses to stay would be his/her temporary home during the duration of his/her stay. It would serve as a place of rest, a structure that would house one’s belongings, and will definitely play a big part in one’s vacation. Below is a backgrounder on the difference between hotels and bed and breakfasts.


Hotel accommodations are usually good. The reception is open twenty-four (24) hours and there exists an in-house hospitality service such as [a] bar(s), restaurant(s), and room service. Some hotels offer other amenities such as pools, gyms, tennis courts, spa services, and facilities among others. Room options are also available for prospective guests depending on what type of room options they want to avail.

However, given that they house a lot of guests, hotels do not usually have the “personal touch” similar to the coziness of a home. Furthermore, rates in hotels are susceptible to additional costs such as parking, mini-bar and Internet costs among others. Problems regarding noise may also be an issue when staying with a lot of people during the peak seasons.

Bed And Breakfast

Usually, this kind of establishment is housed in a building with historical or characteristic significance. They usually have high-quality fixtures and fittings, and luxurious bed linens among other things. What is desirable and unique about this kind of establishment is the personal hospitality of the owner-hosts reminiscent of a peaceful and comfy home. Plus, there are usually no problems in this establishment as far as parking is concerned.

The owner operates the establishment itself. There are usually fewer rooms so chances are, you may have the entire place to yourself. While staying in this kind of establishment, one is assured that one will enjoy impeccable and superior service. Owners also give their guests informative tips about local events, tourist sites, restaurants, cafes, etc. However, given that these establishments are owner operated, reception desks do not operate on a 24-hour basis. The Bed and Breakfast Inn has pools, gyms, courts, and other facilities usually found in hotels, and more in selbornehouse.


Review of Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Whenever you are planning to go on a long tour towards mountains and forests to discover the love for nature. Your best companion is the GPS tracking system that you will need to keep you on track. When we look at current market, there are a lot of companies who are providing different shapes, sizes and designs of GPS devices. Sometimes when you are trying to invest in a quality GPS device, you get confused in your purchase.

Let us take a look at one of the best GPS device that you can buy in 2019. This is Garmin GPSMAP 64st that is designed to fulfill all your needs and help you track your maps with ease.

Important aspects of Garmin GPSMAP:

Garmin GPS device comes with most advanced features that you expect from latest technology. It is very up to date yet very easy to use with simple interface and friendly navigational buttons with which you can easily control all its functions on the go. Some of the main features of this device are follows:


Garmin GPS device comes equipped with high resolution 2.6 inch colorful display that is easy to read and serves its purpose in broad day light as well as at night. It comes with water resistant coating that helps it work in all weather conditions. It has IPSX7 water and dirt resistance ratings. So you can use it in rainy season as well. Hence this device provides value for its money. It helps you keep on track without any hesitation.


It only weighs at about 9 ounces. Hence it is very easy to carry in your backpack. Also it is about 5 inches in height so you can keep it in your palm very comfortably. This device is the most practical and easy to use GPS system that you can purchase in 2019

Signal quality and antenna:

Garmin GPS uses 3.axial antenna that helps in providing strong signals and easy reception. It also comes preloaded with thousands of maps that you can use offline. Maps can be downloaded since it also comes with huge 8GB of internal storage which is expandable via micro SD card slot.

Start-up time and navigation:

Start-up time of this device is just a few seconds, hence you can turn it off while you are taking rest or a quick nap and turn back on while you have decided to move-on. It has strong bandwidth and multi-functional antenna. It also comprises electrical compass that helps in tracking in wilderness.

Battery timings:

This device comes equipped with two AA batteries that can easily last you for 16 hours. This long battery timing helps you in complete day hike without any break. Hence you can enjoy quality time in exploring beauty of nature in mountains ad dense forests without any worry of low battery signal or hazard of getting lost while low on charge.

Hence Garmin GPSMAP device is the best GPS tracking device that gives value for money that you are investing on it. Moreover, it is the most advanced device that you can purchase in 2019.

Review of the Top 5 Cigar Cutters for 2019


In this article, I will highlight key features for your comparison and the pros and cons of the top 5 cigar cutters for 2019. However, you can visit the Cigar Cutter Expert for comprehensive Cigar Cutter Reviews, Tips, and Techniques among others. I must mention that this article is just a summary of the reviews but has enough information to help in decision making.

All Duty Metal Construction Painted Skull in Black Ground Cigar Cutter by JiFENG

It’s made of high-quality material, sharp blades for smooth cutting, and has a beautiful design. Ever since it hit on the market, it has gained a reputation as one of the best cigar cutters that the market can provide. It’s durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This product has the following advantages. It lasts long, very easy to use, is sharp due to the double blades, and easy to open and close. In addition, it’s sturdy, versatile, risk-free because of the money-back guarantee, and it’s a tested and authenticated brand.

I haven’t come across a disadvantage for this product other than the fact that it sells like hot cake hence not easy to find it in store.

Zino Double Blade Cigar Cutter Review

Being one of the oldest product in the market, cigar aficionados prefer this as their favorite option. It’s also made of high-quality material hence durable. It comes with sharp double blades and comes with a two years warranty.

It has the following pros. Durability, the ease of use, can cut cigar caps in one stroke, has very sharp blades, and it’s sturdy. Also, it’s beautifully designed and the most trusted by cigar aficionados.

I didn’t come across and con for this product.

Its classifieds as guillotine which is a very reliable cutter and an indispensable tool. It has a hole which can accommodate many cigar sizes up to 60-ring gauge and comes with a lifetime warranty. Its high-quality material guarantees reliability and efficiency in cutting a cigar.

These are the advantages of this product. Lifetime warranty, durability, ease of use, elegant look, has a customized velvet pouch, high-quality stainless steel blades, and has a self-sharpening double-blade guillotine.

However, it doesn’t come pre-oiled.

Copper Construction Fancy Flora Carving Cigar Cutter

It’s made of high-quality copper making it durable. In addition, it has very sharp blades for cutting the cap neatly. This is probably one of the best quality in the market. It has fancy flora carving in vintage silver with golden wings which makes it very appealing.

The advantages associated with this product are portability, durability, smooth cutting, ease of use, beautiful design, money-back guarantee, warranty, well packaged, and sturdy.

I have no disadvantages to list.

​ALASKA BEAR® Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter

It comes with double guillotine blades and is made of stainless steel. It has a properly done grip which eliminates the possibility of slipping. It has a 60-ring gauge which can cut various cigar sizes.

The advantages of this product include the fact that it comes in a protective box, has a lifetime warranty, affordable, portable, and easy to use among others.

The following cons are associated with this product. If extra pressure is put on the handles, it can wrong cuts and unraveling of the cigar. Moreover, the sharp blades are risky and can loosen quickly.


Your best option lies in the above-listed options, you can select according to your needs and preferences.