5 Things Not To Do At Your Hotel

Who hasn’t stayed in a bed and breakfast inn? It doesn’t matter if you are away from business or a family holiday or alone or with a group, staying at a hotel or B&B can be fun. Hotels and B&B’s can offer a nice and often relaxing stay and allow visitors a place to rest their heads for the night and for the most part, the stay goes by without incident. However, there are sometimes a few things that can go wrong with accommodations and it’s never very pleasant for anyone. There are actually five very simple things that you really shouldn’t do when you are staying at a B&B and hotel. Why don’t you read on to find out more?

Don’t Forget To Read Reviews

You don’t want to spend your time reading reviews because you can’t be bothered or just think it’s a waste of time. It’s understandable but if you don’t read what previous guests have said about the bed and breakfast inn you might be in for a nasty surprise! What you absolutely should do is to take the time to read the reviews. It makes good sense and it will allow you to avoid a nasty surprise later on.

Don’t Play Around On the Balcony

Sometimes there are little balconies outside the room and it can often be nice to sit and relax there after a long day. However, you do have to be extremely careful of these, why? Well, there have been lots of stories around the world recently about balconies that have had their railings fail and someone has fallen over them. It can happen and while your bed and breakfast inn might look safe, you can never tell. It’s very important to not play around on the balcony area or the railing around it as well.

Use Cups or Glasses without Washing Them

In most accommodations whether it’s a five star hotel or a two star bed and breakfast inn there will be some type of drinking implements such as tea cups or drinking glasses. Most will use the glasses or cups without washing first and while it doesn’t seem like such a big deal it can be somewhat problematic. You don’t know when these things were last used or washed and if you want to use them, you should always wash beforehand. It does make perfect sense. 

Opt For Mini Bar Snacks, Buy Cheaper Snacks to Avoid Mini Bar Charges

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or otherwise, using the mini bar can be very costly and those costs can add up. One of the better options to consider would be to buy in any drinks or snacks rather than taking the ones from the mini bar. It might seem like a cheap option but it’s the best one because instead of paying $5 for one candy bar, you can get possibly two or three at a store. It helps to avoid hefty mini bar charges in the bed and breakfast inn. Do you really want additional room charges?

Don’t Take Room Souvenirs You Will Be Charged

You like the bath robe or the fluffy pillows and think no one will notice if you take them? It’s a nice thought but hotels and B&B’s are becoming more frugal and are checking their rooms carefully. When staff notice things are missing, especially furniture, it will be noted down and most likely you’ll be charged for that item. When staying at a bed and breakfast inn you shouldn’t take anything out of the room you didn’t arrive with. It will avoid nasty charges later.

Leave Without Incident

Staying at a hotel or B&B can be a lot more stressful than you think and if you don’t avoid the above things, you might see some frustration come to the boil. Sometimes, it’s best to avoid using the mini bar and indeed avoiding taking the bath robe you like so much. Those simple things can end up costing you dearly and it’s just not worth it. At your next stay ; http://www.selbornehouse.net/Things+Do+Selborne+while+Holiday, a bed and breakfast inn ensure you avoid the little mistakes.