A Great Tool For Car Repairs

It is one big advantage if a person knows how to troubleshoot their car if they own one rather than entirely relying to other people; especially in case of emergency. Regardless if you are a beginner or an expert in this field, one of the most important things you need to do is to learn where to place jack under cars. This will not only help you address whatever is wrong with your car, but this knowledge will also help people prevent further damages and make sure their vehicle is safe.

What is a Car Jack?

Basically, a jack is used when one desires to lift their car whenever you want to check the vehicle underneath. Although there are several types of jacks, it is still easy to operate.

Moving on, there are several points or parts in a car where one can place the jack depending on the case or situation of the vehicle.

First is near the front and back wheel. Whenever you need to change the tires, this spot is very ideal. It does not require you to lift the entire vehicle, but it only puts the pressure on the wheel to make entire process of changing tired hassle-free.

Second is the front crossmember. If the concern is regarding the oil of the engine, people can maximize this spot. This supports the tank that is why any work related with changing oil won’t be very difficult.

Third is the rear crossmember. If the location of the vehicle’s problem is at the back part, this is where people should place the jack; at the rear crossmember. However, to balance the vehicle and just to be safe, there is a need to also use other supports such as lever or any front car support.

Fourth are the sides of the vehicle’s body. This is rarely used though because it usually needs another person’s assistance to avoid accidentally flipping or damaging the car. Although it can be a little risky since this will be putting the pressure on the sides of the car however, this is one effective position if you want to check any damages under the vehicle.

Fifth is the rear differential. Time to replace the bushing and leaf springs? This spot will be the safest to do that. It gives an equal pressure on the vehicle to keep it balanced so there is no need to worry about accidentally flipping the car. Also, it provides a bigger space for every individual that needs a wider view of what’s underneath the vehicle as well.

Lastly is the metal edge. This point is discussed last because it should only be executed when the person already tried putting the jack in all other points that were discussed ahead and still find assessing their vehicles hard because of where the jack was placed. This means that you will be placing the jack on any metal underneath one’s car, but there is a need to be cautious because there are metals which are too soft. One life hack you can do is to make sure that you are placing the jack on a hard metal, is to tap a key or coin on the metal and listen whether it gives a “ting” sound. However if it gives a lower pitch sound, there is a need to find another metal.

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