A Two-Step Formula to Up the Ante on Marketing

Making your mark online can either be easy or difficult, depending on how you wanted to do it. For online entrepreneurial ventures, it is on the latter part. Addressing this problem, there are a bunch of people online willing to help out other people. One of them is Alan Je.

Something worth checking out?

Alan Je identifies himself as a project manager with a long time interest in software and computers, and is presently reviewing various online marketing packages. He launched his site alanjeonline.com as a platform for online training for entrepreneurs. He seems to have come up with a simple formula, supposedly for a better performance as an entrepreneur, which sounds really promising; he says that he earns over a hundred dollars in just twelve hours! He likewise says that it is kind of weird, but works nonetheless. Or does it?

The site

For one, the site is still on a rudimentary form; there are working tabs and links, yet the site is still largely empty. Think of an unfurnished house and you’ll get the idea.

The tab which should be expected to grab the attention of every person visiting the site is the tab labeled Simple Two-Step Formula; after all, this is what Alan has bannered all along. Clicking on the tab opens a new page where he describes how the formula seems to work for him; the figure is $142.62 per twelve hours, which should make this almost twice as high as the minimum wage in the US. The question still stands: What exactly is the two step formula about? Does the two step formula work?

Before we all find out, we are supposed to put our name and our email address on the boxes provided on the same page, which has a photograph of the author’s face. Filling out the text boxes and hitting the Subscribe button has no apparent effect; it seems that the page only refreshes. On the bottom of the page is the Privacy Policy button, or whatever it is meant to be, because it is not a button leading to a link for a privacy policy of sorts.

Lacking any demonstration of the formula in action, it may be said that the two-step formula does not work.

Is it a dead end?

Indeed, the site still looks new and so we may not expect to get everything just yet. However, poking around the site, specifically on the Site Admins page, reveals external links, which are Alan’s social media accounts. The Facebook link turns up blank; it shows that it is either blank or it may have been deleted already.

The Twitter link, however, is pretty much active, with Alan writing as AJ / @wembleymat. He has numerous tweets with links of different reviews he has made on different products, mostly on digital marketing and tips on search engine optimization in order to stand out from other business competitors online. He also has tweets on business management and starting new entrepreneurial ventures.

Sadly, the two-step formula seems non-existent, but it does not mean that it is the end of the road. If you find Alan’s Twitter content interesting, and if you do have a Twitter account, it can be worth following him there instead.