Difference Between Tower and Pedestal Fans

A fan is a must in every household. Whenever the weather is too hot, people can always bring out a fan and solve the problem. In any store, either physical or online, people will find different types of fans with different designs, features, types, and even prices. To those who are planning to invest in different appliances for their home, it is very important that people invest in things according to what they exactly need.

The pros and cons of each type of fans (Tower fan and Pedestal Fan) will be discussed here in this article. This information shall help people decide what type of fan they need in their household in a specific room.

Difference Between Tower and Pedestal Fans

What people will first notice if they are going to compare Tower and Pedestal fans is it has an entirely different design. To be clear, both types of fan are actually good; but depending on what people need, they will really have to identify what type of fan to invest in.

If people are going to consider the aesthetic, definitely the Tower fan will win. Unlike the traditional fans, it does not have a long body which serves as a support. Also, in terms of design, there are a variety of tower fans to choose from with different sizes, unlike Pedestal fans that have limited option only.

Because the Tower fan is a modern design of fans, it is already expected that it has several new features compared to traditional Pedestal fans. An example of this feature is a timer and a night light.

Although Tower fans look pretty impressive, it won’t be able to compete with Pedestal fans if the priority for buying a fan is its power because of how it was designed. However, if people invest in the fan for its power, they will also have to expect that the fan will produce more noise.

For areas where it can get extremely hot, it would be best to invest in a fan that people can change its direction and even the height from time to time. It is also helpful in the area or room where the fan will be used is wide. If this is the priority, definitely Tower fans can’t compete with Pedestal fans.

These pieces of information will really help people to easily get to know the different types of fan and where they should be used. Depending on what people need and the use of the fan, with the difference between the two, the journey to deciding the type of fan to buy becomes very easy. The two types have different pros and cons; however, if people are going to compare its price, there is no huge difference.

What really matters when making a decision is to consider the features they wanted in a fan. They will find many brands and models in the market today which were made from high-quality materials. As long as people will choose the right type of fan, it will definitely satisfy their need.