Is Tent Camping Better Than Car Camping or Not?

Over the years, camping and hiking continue to rise in popularity across the United States and other countries. It is all due to the increasing media attention these outdoor activities receive. No surprise there if camping piqued your interest through the people who post about their camping and hiking escapades through the social platforms.

When talking about camping, the first thing that goes into mind is backcountry. You rest under the night sky with the woods surrounding you. The chirping of cicadas and the wind are your music lulling you to sleep.

Well, that is how camping works in a nutshell. However, over the years, camping has transfigured its ways. Today, there is a so-called car camping.

Tent camping is the traditional way of spending time in the wilderness. Whereas, car camping is a type of camping but with the use of a vehicle instead of a tent. Some might say they prefer the more modern method since it is convenient. On the other hand, others will stick to the old ways. Now, this leads to the question, which is better: tent camping or car camping?

Car Camping

Car camping is popular with parents who want to spend time with their kids out in the open sky. It is more comfortable for them and convenient.

A parent can bring lots of stuff and pack it inside the car. From the kid’s stuff to a large cooler containing food and beverages, a car can hold every single one of them.

Unfortunately, car camping is not the best option when camping in remote areas or deep in the woods. Likewise, as the purists would say, car camping takes away the experience of camping.

Tent Camping                                                   

Packing a tent and carrying it on your back, together with other items, is a bit of a hassle. It is one of the reasons why some would go car camping.

But remember, tent camping allows you to camp overnight in a remote area. It provides the best experience of camping outdoors.

When it comes to tent camping, the key is choosing the right tent. Make sure it has enough space for two individuals or more if you are traveling with the family. Also, choose a tent that is easy to set up and dismantle.

Furthermore, select a tent that is durable and stable – one that can withstand various weather conditions even strong wind and rain.

Additionally, there are tents in the market that are lightweight. You can carry it all day long and not feel the burden on your back. One example of a quality tent that accommodates two persons, a lightweight, and durable is Coleman Sundome.

Coleman Sundome is a favorite tent of beginners and experts in camping and hiking. It has impressive features that are worth spending money. If you need a tent that is convenient, efficient, durable, and strong, Coleman Sundome is one of the best options.

Additional Thoughts

Everything comes down to your preferences. It is all up to you whether to go camping in a car or be more traditional.

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