Makeup Tips for Beginners: How to Choose the Best Stick Foundation

There are different types of makeup foundations – powder, liquid, cream, mineral, cream-to-powder, tinted, stick foundation, and more.

If you are planning to purchase a stick makeup foundation and it is your first time doing so, here are a few useful tips on how to choose the best drugstore stick foundation for your skin type.

#1: Know your skin type

Like any other cosmetic product, you have to look for a stick foundation that will suit your skin type – dry, oily, or the combination of dry and oily skin.

  • For dry skin (with pores that are smaller and produces very little oil) – opt for a stick foundation that will efficiently cover dry areas and can keep your face look hydrated; one of these are stick foundations with a creamier formula that can also produce the velvety and dewy finish.
  • For oily skin (with pores that are bigger and there’s a lot of oil production) – opt for a stick foundation that will keep your oil in check. Try to stick with stick foundations that have mattifying effects; this will help keep your large pores concealed.
  • For oily and dry skin types (combined) – opt for a stick foundation that can make your face look hydrated but can produce demi-matte finish – somewhere in between.

#2: Choose the right skin tone

The simplest but the most effective trick in choosing the right foundation that will suit your skin tone is identifying your skin’s undertone first.

The tones of makeup foundations these days are categorized into three – cool, warm, and neutral. To choose which foundation will suit your skin tone, here is how to determine between cool, neutral, and warm skin undertone:

  • You are cool-toned if your veins appear purple or blue; so, choose a stick foundation that appears pinkish, orangey, bluish, and has a shade of red.
  • You are warm-toned if your veins appear green; so, choose a stick foundation that appears golden and little yellowish.
  • You are neutral-toned if your veins appear to have both blue and green; so, choose stick foundations that have blends of pink or yellow.

If you are unsure, you can always try those samples that you can find at the boutique. Try it using on your wrist and find out which shows like neutral to your skin type.

However, you should also take note that the way you apply the foundation matters a lot. So, if you are starting to learn everything about cosmetics and application, you should learn the basics of makeup application. There are a lot of techniques that you can follow; all you need to do is find that simple makeup foundation application technique that you can follow. If you are starting to get comfortable with your first makeup application technique you may challenge yourself with other techniques.

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