Portable French Press Coffee Maker – Buying Guide

French press coffee is now getting the recognition that it deserves – at least for certified coffee lovers. Even so, it is a milestone for other coffee lovers to know how French press coffee tastes like – better than the regular instant coffee that you brew in the usual coffee maker.

Why waste money on French press coffee maker when you can just buy a 2-3 ounce cup of espresso or maybe your regular café Americano at a nearby coffee shop? Well, that’s a good idea; however, wouldn’t it be practical to make your own coffee? Plus, it isn’t just coffee, it is a French press coffee.

French press coffee has a distinct aroma that will instantly wake you up and refreshing taste of coffee, thanks to the coffee oils that remain in the coffee after steeping or brewing. Plus, if you are worried about the steep time to have a perfect brew, there are awesome portable French press options for you to choose from. Portable French press coffee maker is easy and convenient to use; plus, you can enjoy a great-tasting French press coffee anywhere and anytime.

Here are a few tips on how to choose a portable French press coffee maker:

1. Look for a French press coffee maker that is portable enough that you can bring with you and enjoy a great tasting coffee anywhere and anytime. There is portable French press coffee maker that are designed as tumblers or mugs; this highlights that you can make a freshly brewed coffee at work, while you are on travel, or just doing nothing at home, as long as, you have hot water and the right amount of ground coffee inside the carafe.

2. Choose a French press coffee maker that has a double-wall vacuum; this type of French press coffee maker has the ability to keep the coffee hot or cold for hours.

3. Choose a user-friendly portable French press coffee maker. Check out its specifications and read some essential details on the French press coffee maker that you are planning to purchase or try to read some of its honest reviews and find out how convenient and user-friendly it is.

4. Make sure to choose a durable French press coffee maker.

5. Look for a versatile French press coffee maker, which can make not only delicious French press coffee but also tea. There are portable types and brands of French press coffee maker that are also designed to accommodate making teas (both hot and cold), as well as, iced coffee.

6. Make sure to buy BPA-free and FDA-approved portable French press coffee maker.

7. Get yourself a French press coffee maker that is easy to clean, as well as, to maintain.

Final Thoughts

French press coffee is one of the nicest coffees that you should try out and practice making; however, to achieve the best tasting and aromatic French press coffee, you have to invest in a good French press coffee maker. At Coffee Break Essentials there is a lot of detailed information about this year’s best portable French press coffee maker – perfect for legit coffee lovers who are always on the go.