Protect your Laptop At A Whole New Level

Our laptops have taken their rightful place alongside the stationary desktops as vital pieces of equipment that prove immensely useful, whether in the workplace, or just for pleasure. Versatile reliable machines, laptops are quite pricey, and so one should ensure that his or her laptop will never get misplaced or taken away from one’s possession. In the latter situation, being able to trace your stolen laptop is a must.

In case you haven’t heard of such, there is a lot of laptop tracing software abound. App Soft Hub, a site that offers guides and tips on different aspects of data security and computer privacy, recommends the Computrace LoJack software for your device. With so many programs to choose from, one may ask: What is Lojack?


Lojack and its perks

Lojack started as CompuTrace back in the 90s, conceived by Absolute Software Corporation, a Canadian company specializing in data risk management software. CompuTrace was offered as a stolen laptop recovery service that is good for four years after purchase. Lojack, on the other hand, can also notify the local police about your laptop, and enables tracking of the laptop while deleting its files and locking it.

Starting at $12.23 at Amazon in the form of an online code, Lojack gives your laptop a heightened level of security. You are able to display your laptop’s location on a map thanks to the featured geolocation. The Data Delete feature prevents the disastrous consequences of identity theft by deleting your sensitive files, while the Device Lock feature enables you to block your laptop remotely, denying access to whoever has it in their possession. Absolute’s patented technology and dedicated Theft Recovery Team cooperates with local law enforcement to help you obtain your laptop.

However, the one thing that helps Lojack stand out from the competitors is the level of confidence that has been placed over it: if it cannot find and return your laptop, Absolute offers you up to $1000 for you to get a new one! This is a height on a security provider’s guarantee on the capability of its products; they want you to be as secure as they are with their own product.

Lojack in the works

When you install Lojack, your laptop is connected to a computer in Absolute that registers the device and its serial number, as well as your details on the device and the password. It will spring into action when you report the laptop stolen. When you do, it is flagged and Absolute will then try to track the laptop, at first, in three ways: first, with the phone number that the laptop uses to go online; second, using the IP address to get a street address of the laptop; and third, employing classified means.

While today’s standards in law enforcement means that there seems to be little hope in retrieving a stolen laptop, especially if its parts have been stripped and its hard disk getting reformatted, but Lojack will still persist to operate, being a recovery chip that is probably a bit hard to get rid of.

For only a relatively small sum, the Lojack security software can potentially save you thousands of dollars’ worth of laptop hardware, work and school-related materials, and personal information. App Soft Hub’s recommendation of Lojack is a timely addition to your laptop’s security features, and gives a good peace of mind in its up-to-$1000 return if it does not work for you.