Quick Product Blender Review: Ninja Blender Pros and Cons

Ninja Blender is one of many blender brands today that gains a lot of recognition – durable, tough when it comes to crushing and blending ingredients, and reasonably priced. But how, convenient are Ninja Blenders? Can it be used more than what it should suppose to? Is it durable enough to be used as a food processor too?

Try to continue reading this and find out if Ninja Blender is the right brand of blender for you. Here is a useful list of Ninja Blender Pros and Cons that will help you decide whether it is worth a kitchen investment.


#1: High-powered motor

There is a wide variety of Ninja Blender models that are available in the market today; some of the models are designed with a high-powered motor, at least 1000 watts, which gives the blender enough power to crush, blend, grind, and chop tough ingredients, including frozen foods.

What are the ingredients that Ninja Blender is capable of handling?

There are Ninja Blenders with higher motor power that can handle blending, crushing, mincing, and grinding these following ingredients:

  • Carrots and other hard vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Ice (to keep its performance on A’s try to pre-crush some ice)
  • Frozen fruits
  • Leaves (smoothies)

If you are planning to use Ninja Blender to grind some beans or nuts, try not to do so because it is not recommendable unless the model features a special grinding option. Generally, blenders are not suggested to be used on dry ingredients including nuts, beans, and flour. Again, the purpose of blenders has something to do with liquid; so, try not to push its limit to keep the blender’s performance on its peak.

#2: Price

One of the best things about Ninja Blender is its reasonable price. Even if you are getting the best out of blenders today, most of the Ninja Blenders’ price is reasonable.

#3: Easy to maintain and clean

All of the Ninja Blender models today are easy to clean and maintain. Also, all models are dishwasher safe, making the cleaning effortless.

#4: It Works quietly

If you are looking for an efficient-working blender that operates quietly, Ninja Blenders are the best option; even designed as high-powered blender, Ninja Blenders are interestingly quite.


There is nothing much to talk about Ninja Blender’s disadvantages; however, there are obvious limitations that the blender brand can offer. For instance, not all models of Ninja Blenders are capable of handling tough ingredients such as ice and hard vegetables.

Final Verdict

Should you recommend the Ninja Blender brand to your family or friend? If they are looking for a reliable, high-performing, and reasonably priced blender that is quite versatile, it is only rational to recommend the brand to other blender users.

If you need additional details about the best Ninja Blender models and find out if how can you use the blender as a substitute for a food processor, you may visit Prime Shop Kitchen’s website – reliable review website for blenders and food processors, as well as, one of the best website to get blender advice and tips.