Steps You Need to Dedicate Yourself to While Cooking Rice

There are different categories of rice in the shops. Rice is easy to cook if you follow the necessary steps. Some people think that it is not a must to cook rice well. They fail to understand that cooking rice well is for your health benefit. Uncooked rice is tasteless and again unhealthy for you.

Rinsing the rice and soaking

Rice is rinsed to remove talc that helps to mill it and to remove excessive starch before cooking it. This makes your rice to be non -sticky after cooking. It is good to rinse your rice using different water. If you are daily using rice for your meal, it is not advisable to soak it.

Rice that has been stored for long or even old enough is better when soaked in water before cooking. If you soak it before cooking, you make it less prone to breakages. Some like the basmati are soaked so that they can expand. Make sure to drain your rice thoroughly to avoid more water than required in the pan.

A method that is simple to cook

The easiest way to cook rice is by absorption. You need to measure the quantity of water to use and the rice to cook. All the water is absorbed by the grains and the trapped steam continues cooking until done. Remember to measure the correct amount of water for this step.

Use the best rice cookers to cook your rice. It avoids your rice from being scorched at the bottom layer. This is an essential part that it does not allow you to stir the rice as it cooks. Fit the lid tightly to the top of the pot.

Letting the rice rest

After all the water has soaked, let the rice cool for some few minutes. You need to be patient the longer the rice rests, moisture distributes well. This makes the bottom layer firm and fluffy like the top layer. Eventually the rice becomes fluffy and light this is how to tell when your rice is ready. You can serve it at this point or preserve it for later.

Different kinds of rice have different ways to cook

The long grain rice needs rinsing before cooking it. This helps to get rid of excess starch. It can then be cooked by the absorption method. Brown rice takes longer to cook and will need more water than the white rice. Try to soak it first in cold water. This will reduce the amount of time you will use to cook it. Short grain rice need to be cooked with other ingredients and need excessive starch to make it creamy.


You need to know how to cook rice well and also know the different types of rice require some unique steps before cooking. If you cook rice in a hurry it may not bring that pleasing taste for you to enjoy. Take your time properly and prepare your rice well then you can follow the steps to cook.