To see which coffee maker makes the hottest coffee

Do you want to which coffee maker makes the hottest coffee? In the choice of coffee machines, people often consider their sleekness, durability, versatility, convenience, and their ease of cleaning, but temperatures of the coffee produced matters a lot. Not all brands of the machines brew very hot temperature coffee, choice, therefore, becomes critical for people who love it hot. The recommended brewing temperature is 195-205 degrees while that of serving is 153-175 degrees. U If you brew coffee in your kitchen, you would want to see which coffee maker makes the hottest coffee or surpasses the standard, keep reading this page to identify a single coffee machine which produces amazing temperature coffee.

I must mention from the onset that we have done s comprehensive research about the coffee machines, and we can without a doubt list the five best machines which can produce the hottest coffee.

1. The Black and Decker Brew N’Go. This brand is cheap but it brews hotter coffee than even some of the expensive machines. People who are on a tight budget usually prefer this brand. Another amazing thing about it is its auto shut off, the simplicity and safety of cleaning its dishwasher.

2. The Cuisinart SS-10. This brand brews at about 177 degrees, but it comes with more features. It’s compatible with any K-cup brand has an on/off switch which enhances convenience, and has a charcoal water filter which ensures a great taste. Once you buy this brand, you will be given a three years warranty.

3. The Bunn My Cafe MCU Coffee Maker. Technology enthusiasts prefer this brand. It consistently produces hot coffee and allows temperature adjustments. This model is not only durable but also easy to use and clean. Also, it’s compatible with any K-Cup or Senseo-like Pods. In addition, it has an adjustable drip tray which allows users to adjust the cup size and it has an auto/off switch with various settings.

4. The Keurig 2.0 K575 Series. This model may not be the hottest single serve machine in the market, but it’s still the best model in a single serving. Whenever top coffee machines are listed, you will find the name of this colorful and versatile brand. It comes with a water reservoir of 80 ounces and can brew a single serving or four cups. Amazingly, it takes a very short time to heat coffee to 176 degrees.

5. The TouchPlus T526S. It comes with the Rapid Brew technology which makes it heat coffee in amazingly short time, 20-30 seconds. This model has a lot of advantages: it has a 90-ounce reservoir, accommodates numerous cup sizes, and has a reusable pod to conserve the environment. In addition to its high quality and taste of coffee, it heats the coffee up to 200-205 degrees.

These aren’t the only brands and models that the market offers, as alluded earlier, these ones are carefully selected after research. You are allowed to research on more models, but regarding making the hottest coffee, picking one from the listed models will be the best decision.