Top Features of Camcorders That You Need To Look For When Buying One

Vlogging has become a trend to most millennial these days; in fact, you’ll find numbers of vloggers on YouTube today.

If you are tired of using your phone for blogging there are cheap, yet reliable camcorders that you can find in the market today; all you need to do is get more useful information about the best and affordable camcorders.

However, with so many options in the market today, which one should you trust? To help you choose the best and affordable camcorder, here are a few top features of camcorder that you need to look for when planning to buy for one.

1. Recording file format

The very basic thing when looking for the right camcorder for you is its compatibility to your PC or laptop when it comes to editing. There are instances that when it comes to decompression and compression of video files things become critical, especially when the file format does not match to your PC’s or laptops software.

2. Choose with better resolution

One of the essential factors to consider when buying your first camcorder is its recording resolution. Most of the camcorders today are designed with two different video resolutions – the Standard Definition or SD and the High Definition.

  • SD resolutions: The most popular SDs for video is 640 x 360 and 640 x 480; meanwhile, 720 x 480 and 720 x 576 are popular SDs for DVD.
  • HD resolutions: HD resolutions are preferred by numbers of vloggers; this may include video resolutions of 1280 x 720 (720p) and full HD of 1920 x 1080 (1080p).

While it is preferable to use camcorders with HD and full HD resolution, for beginners who are not yet into editing videos, camcorders that can record videos with SDs and HDs will help you improve your video editing skills.

3. It must have a better zooming lens

Do not settle for camcorders that are cheap but with below the 20x zooming lens. Getting a camcorder with 20x and above zooming lens let you video scenes with clarity even with a great distance. So, by the time you purchase your very first camcorder make sure to check its optical zoom specification.

4. It must have better image stabilization

Camcorders today may either have electronic or optical image stabilization. A camcorder with electronic image stabilization is capable of minimizing blurred images by consistent framing of multiple video frames caused by unstable recording or hand jitter. Optical image stabilization, on the other hand, refines the video by physically improving the low light photography caused by shaking of hands or any physical vibration while recording. If you are torn between EIS and OIS, choose the one that lets you record well.

Also, when choosing a quality camcorder, make sure to choose the one with the best autofocus capability and gives you a better live streaming option.

Final Thoughts

Being an efficient vlogger needs an efficient camcorder; if you are having problems choosing the best one, do not hesitate reading reliable posts like this, as well as product reviews.